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Formula SP/1L

31.0k Mage2IsTriggered  19 days ago

Formula 1.5, one could say...

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This is the Formula SP/1L, a Formula car inspired by the current regulations of Formula 1, the 2018 regulations of Formula 1 and Formula 2.

This is a really old project of mine i never got around to finishing. Found it after over 2 years of it just sitting on my phone's SP files (that i still have, even with my full switch to PC) and simply decided to finish it. Transferred it over to my computer and got to work...
It took a while, i had to rescale the whole thing with FineTuner (dimensions looked more like a toy car than a proper F1 sized car), which meant a lot of adjusting part coordinates, had to remake the suspension, steering wheel, Halo, airbox, a bit of everything. Then came the tuning for the Elliptical Grip Model Mod and all the problems that come with testing around mod maps and such.
Originally this car was meant to feature a manual transmission, either based on a system i made, or on @MintLynx's manual transmission featured on his RX-7. Sadly, my own system was overly complicated, a pain to set up and part heavy, and his RX-7's system does not work anymore. I couldn't understand how to apply his newest version of that system either, so we have a CVT instead lol.
I did my best to make a fun to drive race car and i hope all of you enjoy it!



  • Pitch (Acceleration)=Lever

  • Roll (Steering)=Steering Wheel

  • Brake=BRK Button

  • AG1 (DRS)=DRS Button

  • AG2 (Pit Limiter)=PIT Button

  • AG3 (Light)=L Button

All Controls in Tooltips and Instructions

Hope you enjoy it!


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  • rexzion 17 days ago

General Characteristics

  • Created On Windows
  • Wingspan 7.6ft (2.3m)
  • Length 17.1ft (5.2m)
  • Height 4.5ft (1.4m)
  • Empty Weight 6,812lbs (3,090kg)
  • Loaded Weight 6,989lbs (3,170kg)


  • Wing Loading 12.7lbs/ft2 (61.9kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 551.6ft2 (51.2m2)
  • Drag Points 675


  • Number of Parts 303
  • Control Surfaces 0
  • Performance Cost 1,597
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    Pinned 19 days ago
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    I uploaded this thing like, 6 days ago, but i was busy with studies and a college test to make the description and post it as intended, so sorry it took so long to upload
    This car should be VR friendly, and it totally can be driven without that Mod, but it is recommended to use, but if you play exclusively on VR or on Mobile, you can still drive it, albeit a bit worse. If you can, fiddle with the traction settings until you are happy with the steering.

    Pinned 19 days ago
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    @Seemeing cool to know you are making a F1 car, but i didn't understand the rest of your comment there, i think you missed a word or two

    5 days ago
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    29.0k Seemeing

    I'm currently building an F1 car. Here's an example. For creating interesting

    9 days ago
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    5,499 GrandPrix

    Then we have to make rules and guidelines. Then 1 month the build the vehicles. Then 3 days to get the best time on the vehicle. We will start at year 1955 and increment by 10 every season

    +1 19 days ago
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    5,499 GrandPrix

    @Mage2IsTriggered it would take about a week or so to gather members.

    +1 19 days ago
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    5,499 GrandPrix


    +1 19 days ago
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    @GrandPrix cool idea on paper,execution would be probably way less than ideal

    19 days ago
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    5,499 GrandPrix

    There should be a group of people who build f1 cars in simpleplanes and they should have their own rules similar to the fia. They would do time trials and record their records with their own cars. The fastest time trial would win. This event would be called the Formula SP (simpleplanes)

    +1 19 days ago
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    @rexzion honestly, that would be awesome! A proper suzuka with collisions that don't send you to the stratosphere when you touch grass or that are not slippery like soup if you get your rear wheels off the tarmac... Those two tracks are very cool, but idk, their implementation in game are very odd...
    Thanks for the upvote!

    19 days ago
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    40.2k rexzion

    i really need to get to making mod racetracks so people actually have something to drive on because i am not counting the silly nordschliefe or the undrivable daytona mod
    (ill drive the car in a few hours)

    +1 19 days ago