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5,819 LegateLasagnius  1.4 years ago

I think it's time we blow this scene
Get everybody and the stuff together...
Okay, 3, 2, 1, let's jam.

Last upload. Started by a tank almost 4 and a half years ago, gotta end by another one.
Here it is, a "rebuild" ending up as a fictionnal, futuristic, french MBT: The AMX 57 TASSIGNY, "B-Bop"


[VTOL]:Turret rotation/Machinegun rotation
[Trim]:Mantlet elevation/Machinegun elevation
[Roll]:Hull rotation
[Pitch]:Acceleration/deceleration, 100km/h Top Speed
[Yaw]:Rangefinder rotation
[LandingGear]:Toggle lights
[1]:Main gun(1000m/s,12 rpm, 50pcs-HE)
[2]:Grenade machinegun(300m/s, 300 rpm, 150pcs-HE)
[7]:Rangefinder-Night vision
[8]:Deactivate turret(Puts it back to its initial state)

Weapons :
-Large caliber guns on the mantlet Cam1-4
-A simple machinegun Cam 5
-Revised version of @MinecraftPower's Call-In Airstrike:
Select [Airstrike] in the air to air section. 3 seconds lock-on. Use the rangefinder to acquire targets.

Misc :
-Smokescreens (via counter measure dispenser)
-Custom "Houdinini" supension setup:
Great handling and can take a HECK LOT of abuse.
It's by far the most advanced suspension I've ever done on SP. No need for mods when you have such an awesome suspension. How it works? Check the unlisted PoC. It's the same as this one here, but without the XML editing.
No one wanted to help me ;c ,so I made a simplistic white chevrons camo. Hope it's not to bad for yer eyes.
-Wernster rotators : Funked Rotators for tighter aims.
Raise the trim just a tiny bit for about a second or two. Tada, you elevated your gun with extreme precision.
Note: Keep in mind the turret is still set at a 180° range, it's not doing any free spin. Another thing: With this way to elevate stuff, when you put [VTOL] or [Trim] at 0, it won't reset back to it's original position.

Medium, No decals
Low, Minimum details

All Trims level have the same functionalities.

Wernster's page
Minecraftpoweer's call-in airstrike

Special thanks to:
The CFSP (supportive guys)
Minecraftpoweer (crafty dude)
TakicraftCorporation (incredible SP veteran)
Theunknown ( previously known as Tylerdeneveuxmusic I think). Dunno where you are buddy, but I hope you're doing fine out there.
Fine lads, cheers mates.

I'd like to make excuses to @TwistedWarshipDude . I was rude. Sorry mate. Good thing is, you won't see me here anytime soon ^^

Buh-Bye. Keep on buildin' nice things.


General Characteristics

  • Created On Windows
  • Wingspan 12.6ft (3.8m)
  • Length 32.7ft (10.0m)
  • Height 11.9ft (3.6m)
  • Empty Weight 25,311lbs (11,481kg)
  • Loaded Weight 25,989lbs (11,788kg)


  • Wing Loading 19,316.1lbs/ft2 (94,309.3kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 1.3ft2 (0.1m2)
  • Drag Points 7525


  • Number of Parts 719
  • Control Surfaces 0
  • Performance Cost 3,754
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    Farewell fellow CSFP member

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