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RTV gen 3-1200 FMA 1 prototype

1,584 Pulkit  1.7 years ago


  • my best performing RTV
  • gold prix circuit under 45sec
  • 500+ kmh top speed
  • 0-300 in less than 3sec
  • swan doors

Race Track Vehicle (3rd generation) 1200 Front Mid engine All wheel drive prototype 1 so I still need help and guidances by pros


  • A.G.1 + VTOL = DRIVE (normal mode - 600hp)
  • A.G.2 + VTOL = DRIVE (AtTaCk mode - 1200hp)
  • YAW = YAW for precise control on high-speed straight

    • please replace 'VTOL' to 'PITCH' in XML file for pitch/roll control or WSAD control on PC

  • A.G.3 = LIGHTS
  • A.G.5 + TRIM = HOOD


RTV gen3 1200 FMA prototype 1 is my best performing RTV yet, it's very quick as mentioned it does 0 to 300 in less than 3 sec and top speed is more than 500 kmh thanks to EternalDarkness who told to me to yeet out drag. After that I added some wings that made it so much better to control. This is my 3rd designs where I used blueprint. I used Astron Martin Vulcan's blueprint for this one, Audi R8 2018 for previous upload (RTV gen3 proto1 Help... and proto2) and Ford f-150 raptor for PTW-1200. I wasn't trying to make copy or anything like Vulcan and used it just for some measurements but it also inspired some bits like attack mode and doors.


this is an prototype build coz I think there's a lot of work that can be done in this one like interior, better and efficient bodywork, color and most importantly performance and tuning. yes I'm still noob and want to learn how to build a car from so many pro Vehicle builders here mostly about suspension performance and tuning so please comment anything that could help me for improving handling of a vehicle. for instance I can make a car super quick but it spins super quick too, idk how to deal with that.

Also I'd be tagging some of best people I've found here recently so thanks and sorry.

Thanks a lot <3


General Characteristics

  • Created On Android
  • Wingspan 12.9ft (3.9m)
  • Length 28.0ft (8.5m)
  • Height 7.1ft (2.2m)
  • Empty Weight 7,061lbs (3,203kg)
  • Loaded Weight 7,245lbs (3,286kg)


  • Wing Loading 262.7lbs/ft2 (1,282.5kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 27.6ft2 (2.6m2)
  • Drag Points 4292


  • Number of Parts 295
  • Control Surfaces 5
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    40.0k Sm10684

    Ok I will do my best to help you. @Pulkit

    +1 1.7 years ago
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    1,584 Pulkit

    @Sm10684 YES

    1.7 years ago
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    40.0k Sm10684

    do you want your cars to look smoother like mine?

    1.7 years ago
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    23.3k EdgyCar

    Cool looking car

    +1 1.7 years ago
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    1,584 Pulkit


    1.7 years ago
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    1,584 Pulkit


    1.7 years ago
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    1,584 Pulkit

    Thanks @M3e46 and @TrislandianAlliance
    Also I didn't noticed the part count until now and it's considerably lower than my average (351). I can also make a lightweight version of this with even less part count. That will be more efficient. Also thank you Soo much for complementing the design.

    1.7 years ago
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    2,346 ToastyTaco


    +1 1.7 years ago
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    Nicely done and 295 just barely enough for a phone with 2 gigs to play these, the design is aggressive and i love that sort of thing

    +2 1.7 years ago
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    1,584 Pulkit


    1.7 years ago