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FLF Lafayette frigate

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The first stealthy warship, invented by France in 1990, the Lafayette frigates, commissioned in 1996, they are now second-rank frigates, they will be replaced by FDI frigates from 2023. Two frigates will be sold to Greece after the entry of the first FDIs, only 3 Lafayette frigates will continue their service in the French Navy, before being definitively replaced by the FDIs.

The Lafayette frigates were also sold to 3 other navies, some modifications (click) were made according to the customer's wishes.


french navy drawing

Controls :

Ag1 : Active 100mm gun

Vtol and Trim

Ag2 : Active Crotale AA missiles

To target the target, use VTOL, the Trim is automatic

Ag3 : Arm Exocet sea to sea missiles

choose the right or left exocet, and shoot

Ag4 : Lights

V to flare

Normal controls to sail

Equipment - Armament

  • 2 navigation radars, 1 surface-to-air watch radar

  • 2 DAGAIE lure launcher, STI combat system, satellite transmission system

  • Helicopter platform and hangar

  • 4 diesel engines, 1 bow thruster

  • 1 100mm turret, 2 20mm guns, 4 12.7mm machine guns

  • 8 MM-40-EXOCET anti-ship missiles, 1 CROTALE short-range surface-to-air system


  • Length: 125m

  • Width: 15.4m

  • Travel: 3,800 tonnes

  • Speed: 25 knots

  • Crew: 150 sailors

The world's first stealth warships, manufactured in the 1990s, the Frigates La Fayette is a major innovation.

La Fayette-type frigates (FLF) preserve and enforce national interests in maritime areas and participate in the settlement of crises. Vanguard stealth units, they can provide support to a task force, protection of commercial traffic, special operations or humanitarian missions.

These ships carry a Panther anti-ship helicopter. The FLF are at the forefront in the conduct of operations where their stealth is an asset. Depending on the circumstances, they can also intervene within the framework of the maritime defense of the territory.

To build this ship, I used the hull of NFIGMT frigate: HERE, originally based on that of KerlonceauxIndustries, HERE but there is not much in common anymore, I used this hull, because it is a Lafayette frigate hull bought by Taiwan, modified and renamed "Cheng Kung-class frigate"


Aquitaine class frigate here


General Characteristics

  • Created On Windows
  • Wingspan 79.0ft (24.1m)
  • Length 424.5ft (129.4m)
  • Height 243.4ft (74.2m)
  • Empty Weight 3,111,759lbs (1,411,471kg)
  • Loaded Weight 3,111,759lbs (1,411,471kg)


  • Power/Weight Ratio 0.022
  • Wing Loading 92.1lbs/ft2 (449.7kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 33,782.5ft2 (3,138.5m2)
  • Drag Points 247083


  • Number of Parts 1370
  • Control Surfaces 2