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Gyroscope Dance

9,095 Jwpdaviesjr  14 days ago
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    113 Gravitons

    When you put a gyroscope on an 300 kg aircraft

    9 days ago
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    Ah yes this also happens when i try to make a motorcycle with gyroscope

    11 days ago
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    1,419 Bellcat

    PARTY TIME! ヽ(:D)ノ

    This bug happens because the gyroscopes have very little mass and need to stabilize themselves too much. Since one rotational force attempts often create a discreperancy on the other, another rotational force acting on the other stands in to fix the discreperancy and the forces counteract, creating a dancing effect.

    +2 12 days ago
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    9,095 Jwpdaviesjr

    @Nerfaddict :)

    13 days ago
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    21.6k Nerfaddict

    this made me laugh a bit

    +2 13 days ago