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Flight Park Kirama

73.7k hpgbproductions  24 days ago
Version 1.0.1 Map

Flight Park Kirama is an exercise to design and build mountain ranges. It is set on a fictional island group between the East China Sea and the Philippine Sea.

This mod also includes two missions using a "smooth flying challenges" engine I previously made, but never completed the original mission pack it was meant for.

Uses the following Unity Asset Store packages (not included in repository):

  • EasyRoads3D Pro
  • Terrain Sample Asset Pack


  • The PC/Mac download option is a link to the releases on GitHub. The changelog is found there. Click on the SPMOD file to download it.
  • The Source Code download option is a link to the GitHub repository.


A handy map showing the locations of airfields and the height of some mountains.

The North Airport services the northern island. To avoid the competition for limited airport services, transit flights use this airport. This airport is equipped with the precision approach path indicator (PAPI) system, and a distance readout using the targeting system.

The larger South Airport provides air travel connections across the island chain. It also has many small hangars for personal aircraft. Like the other airport, this one is also equipped with the PAPI system and distance readout.

Other airfields:

  • East Bay Airfield. Privately owned, but free to use for bush pilots. Being just a dirt strip, it is very bumpy by runway standards.
  • Former WW2 Airfield. Now run by locals and provides an alternative to travelling by land or sea.


Copy some settings from a parent Terrain to child Terrains, making it easier to work with many Terrains.

Provides precision approach services to a runway.

Get unique day/night cycles for your map by setting its coordinates and date. Recommended for temperate and polar settings.

Smooth Flying Engine + Levels


  • Uses Unity OpenXR. Untested on Mac, or with VR.


  • Shadows not appearing on East Bay and WW2 airfield runways.

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    12.0k vonhubert

    @hpgbproductions it is not damaged, but its big an complex. It seems like when it spawns it bounces on the landing gear and that exceeds some kind of a shake or acceleration limit.

    in a console there are a number of identical errors like: NullReferenceException - object reference is not set to an instance of an object

    p.s. tested with stock airplanes - the same.
    May be some kind of a mod may mess with it?

    p.p.s. the idea of such missions is totally great - thats what SP is lacking right now

    p.p.p.s. found out that it actually gives like thousands of negative points on each maneuver, like relatively mild pitch up by autopilot to get from level flight to 15 m/s stable ascent or like - 300 points for even touching the pitch up button. And thats on real scale and weight airliner - it is nowhere near as touchy and nimble as stock aircrafts

    13 days ago
  • Profile image

    @vonhubert if your aircraft is damaged, enters water, or "structure is changed", the mission can immediately fail
    Your aircraft may have loose parts (not attached to the aircraft) or parts that detach on spawn. Try to spawn with default aircraft (e.g. bush plane)
    If the aircraft has none of those issues, check the dev console for errors

    14 days ago
  • Profile image
    12.0k vonhubert

    @hpgbproductions i cannot start any challenge(( it says either the passengers are unhappy or eggs are broken right at the start(

    14 days ago
  • Profile image

    @hpgbproductions Thank you. I'll try later

    15 days ago
  • Profile image

    @factorization20 reference
    Set color mode to linear so what you see in unity is what you get in SP
    For EasyRoads, I found that you must store road models in assets folder. It's the terrain tab in the road network component.
    - Before building the mod, go and click the button.
    - Be careful if you delete roads because the model won't be deleted from the assets folder or the mod saved assets. You can clean up the mod saved assets by resetting the mod builder.

    15 days ago
  • Profile image

    Excuse me, after the simple aircraft update version 1.12, the color of my mod terrain became lighter. How did you solve the problem? Also, my EasyRoads Pro cannot be displayed in simple aircraft after export, can you tell me how to set it up? Thank you very much

    15 days ago
  • Profile image

    The map is quiet amazing! It gives me some War Thunder vibes.

    21 days ago
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    15.8k klm747klm747

    My best record on package delivery-9913. Only lost points on the landing, even though I buttered it in.

    21 days ago
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    me doing butta

    24 days ago