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Flooded Rail

78.9k hpgbproductions  6 months ago
Version 1.0 Map

Flooded Rail is a mod with a single train track and a platform. It is a mysterious environment that you can take screenshots on. Console commands can be used to customize many aspects of the map.

Default gauge: 1070 mm (~1067 mm Cape Gauge)
Default platform height above rails: ~760 mm
Default platform distance from centerline: ~1.5 m

Rail profile built in SP, with reference to this image.
Aircraft | OBJ

Platform and shelter built in DesignSpark Mechanical, with reference to Shimonada Station.

Character model modified from HMS London.
standing | sitting


  • Not built specifically for any existing trains or bogie subassembly standard.
  • There is only a straight track that is 1 km long.



  • Commands only appear in the map.
  • Pause the map when loading to start paused, so you can safely set the track gauge before the first collision check.
  • If your train does not work even with a very high track gauge, try to fix the bogie angle (i.e. no free spin) or increase your wheel friction.

GenerateRailCubes (float origin, float range)
Rebuild the sleepers (planks connecting both rails) on the track.
origin: Midpoint of generation. (Default 0)
range: Distance from the midpoint in meters, to stop generating sleepers. (Default 200)

SetBrightPlaneDepth (float depth)
The Bright Plane is placed under (or at the same level of) the water to change the appearance of the map. A lower depth makes the color and reflection of the Bright Plane more prominent, but also causes more "foam" to appear on the water surface, which can become very bright at night. Set the depth of the Bright Plane as required by environmental conditions.
depth: Depth in meters. A negative depth moves the Bright Plane above sea level. (Default 0.1)

SetBrightPlaneColor (float r, float g, float b)
Set the color of the Bright Plane, using RGB components from 0 to 1 each. (Default 1 1 1)

SetRailGauge (float scale)
Set the distance between the two rails.
scale: Distance in meters. (Default 1.07)

SetRailHeading (float heading)
Set the direction that the rails face in.
heading: Direction in degrees. (Default 0)

ToggleWater (void)
Toggle visibility of the water.

TranslatePlatform (float x, float y, float z)
Move the platform.
x: Translate sideways. This can be used to change the gap between the train and platform.
y: Translate vertically. This changes the platform height.
z: Translate forwards or backwards.