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Simple Maywar Airport Map Pluding

29.5k factorization20  7 months ago
Version 0.1 Map Map Plugin

A map plugin on maywar island.

It includes a runway, a highway bridge connecting the airport and the island, some hangars, and other things.
This is a simple work to verify something.
(after SP update 1.11, the color of the ground may be wrong, and the solution is not known at present)

The plane in the picture is from subbk27

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    i love it! only problem i can find is that its slippier than ice, i had to drift my way to the hangar 😂

    16 days ago
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    372 IndoMaja

    @Xuwenze I am crying 😢

    +1 27 days ago
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    255 Xuwenze

    Mobile rage

    +6 4 months ago
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    The landing gear always sinks into the ground.

    4 months ago
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    Pretty lights

    +1 6 months ago
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    85.1k Inuyasha8215

    Stock landing gear still doesn't touch ground

    +11 6 months ago
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    18.0k FeatherWing

    Looks pretty nice, good job.

    +1 6 months ago
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    5,026 Bobyo

    I may be on mobile and can't use it but..


    +6 6 months ago
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    420 ABSENT


    +2 7 months ago