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20,000km range test

1,046 Keanu  13 days ago
Version 1.0 Map

20,000km x 10km(200,000 square km). basically a gigantic ruler with increments every 25km, could possibly be used to test max range of planes. ever wanted to simulate circumnavigating earth? with 20,000km of land if you fly all the way to the end and back you will have successfully traveled the circumference of earth! was originally supposed to be the full circumference of earth but unity started not having a good time around 18,000 km.

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    323 zwen

    Android plz? Idk but I guess this might be possible in Android?

    +1 6 days ago
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    15.7k klm747klm747

    @ShawnJohn20 Tankers... I forgot those would technically give your plane infinite range.

    BTW, I'll definitely be using this map for testing the range of my airliners!
    BTW BTW, I made a non xml plane that can travel 119.56 KM on only one percent of fuel- 11,956 KM range on a four seat general aviation twin. This is flying along at 343 knots at 15,000 feet. Imagine sitting in a Baron for almost 19 hours nonstop.

    +2 7 days ago
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    16.3k PlaneFlightX

    Thank god my new planes have autopilot, just set that to 5000ft @ 0 degrees @ 300 knots and note how long the plane flies for

    +2 13 days ago
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    1,782 Bobyo

    This is gonna help me with range. Idk what range would be so this is gonna let me be able to tell what range is. For example a propeller plane can go for 60km.

    +3 13 days ago
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    It's not impossible cause there are tankers ... this will probably hurts

    +3 13 days ago