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Fairy Air Base

49.4k PlanariaLab  3 months ago
Version 2.8 Map

From the OVA "Battle Fairy Yukikaze"

This mod contains the two structures that appear in the video.
Please don't expect much in the way of reproducibility, as I can't find any detailed documentation on these. The emphasis is on atmosphere.

Fairy Air Base

One of the six major bases of the FAF(Fairy Air Force, the army to which the main character belongs).
It's similar to the one I published a long time ago, but I've reworked almost all the model data.
Created with metasequoia4.

ACC-04 Banshee-IV

A flying aircraft carrier owned by the FAF.
A model I created in SP.
After obj exporting, I modified it in Metasequoia 4.

This mod contains three (almost identical) maps
- Fairy Air Base(Circle) : Banshee flying in circles.
- Fairy Air Base(Straight) : Banshee flying straight. In case you can't land the ship properly in Circle.
- Fairy Air Base(Fixed) : Banshee stays in the air. For when the above two don't work properly or are used in multiplayer.

The protective gate is opened and closed automatically by C# script.
Also, this should work in multiplayer.

Borrowed works for thumbnails.
xanavi's FRX-00
hibiki2000's FFR-31
Suica's FFR-31MR/D
Thanks for the permission to use it.

Thanks to Suica and SimpleDesignBureau for their help in test playing and providing opinion.