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Building Cool Cars EP5

68.7k TakicraftCorporation  5 months ago

Building Cool Cars EP5

Ötödik lépés: DETAILS


Today we gonna jump into my favorite session, the detailing.

This phase includes color choosing, adding minor chassis elements. This is the last major building phase, and it requires a little bit of creativity

Let's start with the rally-style elements like the fender. This is a complicated part because it's hard to make a good looking fender. My suggestion is that if you ever made a good one, you can use that as a base. This is what i'm doing now, that's the Myrone's fender trim.

The second difficult one is the taillight style. They improve the car's characteristics if you make them correctly. I decided to keep the original Cuberunner's taillight style, with a little twist.

There's not much to say about the mirrors. They're pretty basic, cheap styled ones. I think the Polski Fiat had something similar...


...Iron Man get's rusty in Endgame...

Nope it's not that kind of a spoiler. I'm talking about the downforce thingies... Those are now just blind decorational spoilers, but you can make them
work if you want (Will explained later in the Phase 6) It's easier to make spoilers with the hollow fuselages, but the really nice ones are made on
the classic way.

Now i just keeping it simple, because i don't want to get crazy high part numbers. I wanted to add this classic 'TURBO' sticker, but unfortunately
that will be too much.

Remember the small tube that goes down from the engine? That will be the base of the exhaust system. Lead a pipe down, and make a nice exhaust tip on it

That's all with the building. We have an almost-ready car now. Let's find some fancy stock colors for it.


As you know (or not) i don't stop with just one color. Thanks to the color mod you can give out RGB codes for the players, so they can choose a color what suits them most. Sure they can do it of they own, but color variants are more than just... ahhh... color variants...

The color list for the Landsman Crossback. You may notice some references in the color names.

This is a perfect way to give some characteristics for your builds. This sounds a bit weird, but let me explain. The Cuberunner is a rally inspired European sport sedan. So the colors should express these characteristics. So i'm searching for famous European rally/sport car colors. Stock colors
from similar cars are also great ones.

I don't want to say too much about the colors, cos that would kill the 'Easter eggs' but that current red will be the base color, that's sure.

This is it for now. The Cuberunner can finally hit the race track. for some testing.



  • Don't overact with the details. If you build too much that could ruin your car's overall style. Find the balance.

  • Color editor can help you to find the exact same paint job you want. It's good if you know some real fantasy names of real car colors like
    'giallo fly yellow' (Ferrari yellow) 'Championship white' (Honda Type-R white)

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    @TakicraftCorporation ah, it’s fine

    5 months ago
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    @ShermanFirefly No i don't take these kind of requests anymore... Sorry

    5 months ago
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    Do you take build requests? If so, could you build a Plymouth cuda that’s been modified for rally races? (Like beefed up suspension, light bar, etc.)

    5 months ago
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    i wonder what is the Easter egg... :D

    5 months ago