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Building Cool Cars EP3

70.7k TakicraftCorporation  8 months ago

Dritten Stritt: the Engine

Let me ask you a question, Ted!

-Do you see anything wrong here?

Let's solve this problem before Johnny and his gang finds out...

Welcome fellas. Today we gonna make a pretty VR6 engine for the Cuberunner. The engine building has 6 big stages as you can see below.

I'm gonna glide trough all these steps to see how does a Takswagen get's it's 'heart'. First of all i start with the base block what is now 1,75
long and 0.7 wide. Trapezoid shaped, like a real VR block. Let's put it on the 'engine buck'.

Now i use two scaled down engine block. Why two? Because we have two piston lines, this is how you can add some realism to your engine. The stock
length of the engine block holds 4 pistons i believe, so these are sightly shorter. Now comes a nice little valve cover, here you can be a bit creative.
I usually add an oil cap, some cam belts, a generator-like thingy, and other unnecessary little stuffs.

Let's move onto the next detail segment, the intake manifold. Here i made a classic shaped intake line, and a basic air filter house. Advisable to add
a scaled down air inlet, because it looks pretty, and if you want to add nitrous in the future, this will help the NOS to work better.

Now let's see what's up with the exhaust system. We have 6 pistons, so we need 6 pipes as start. It's better to build them together and put them on
the engine. Now comes some rotating and fine tuning to make them look like a manifold. Here you can add some extra piping for the details, This
phase can be really nerve-wracking, because the pipes like to make wrong connections with each other, and that can break your fluent building rhythm.

This one here is an optional phase. Turbo system. I don't even try to connect the turbo pipes realistically, cos this step contains massive piping,
and making great turbo pipes are hard and demands too much parts. Just make sure the turbo is connected to the exhaust and the cooler system somehow
and make it look stylish, and 'credible'.

This is something easier, The cooler. The only thing what you need to pay attention is the centering. Slap it to the middle, connect it with some pipes
and boom. you got an engine!

Epicureans can add a nice little gearbox like this one:

Now choose the central rod which connects the engine to the car, and edit it's length to 0.01. The engine will be on it's place without any problems!
Sometimes like now, you need to adjust a little bit on the manifold's end pipe.

All we need is now a hood. (i hope i don't need to describe how to make one)

My well experienced colleague, @JamesPlanesII suggested to add a belt line to the sides, so meanwhile i changed the sides a little bit. As you
can see on the picture.

The last movement is for this phase is to add a fuel tank. I'm using the basic fuel tank blocks for most of my cars, like here as well. The engine
is now limited to 180HP, the power will be set in the tuning session.

Well, this is it for now. this is a kinda short post, but next week we'll really jump into the building session's hell, the interior making.
Thanks for readind. See ya next week!


-Don't go too crazy with the details here. Use your fantasy, scale down stock 'gizmo' parts to make interesting and cool details. The ideal engine
is around 100-130 parts

-This is a step where sub assemblies can save you a lot of time, make sure you have some parts saved, or don't be afraid to take off something from
you'r previously made engines.

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    A very helpful guide and a beautiful power train and gearbox combo too@TakicraftCorporation

    +1 5 months ago
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    14.0k Nerfaddict

    @TakicraftCorporation yeah I know

    7 months ago
  • Profile image

    @Nerfaddict yeah that looks cool on a tuning ride, but it doesn't matches with a Stock car

    7 months ago
  • Profile image
    14.0k Nerfaddict

    @TakicraftCorporation As for me' if the turbo doesn't fit without complex piping, I usually just start cutting up the hood or anywhere else I could put them

    7 months ago
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    17.7k ChiyomiAnzai

    I suck at engine detailing @TakicraftCorporation

    7 months ago
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    @ChiyomiAnzai sure, tell me what you need

    8 months ago
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    17.7k ChiyomiAnzai

    Can you help me with an inline 8?

    8 months ago