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Building Cool Cars EP2

68.7k TakicraftCorporation  6 months ago

Paso dos: Building

Welcome fellow travelers!

Last week we successfully formed a blueprint about the car. It's time to start building! First of all we gonna need a frame. Almost every TW car uses a simple ladder frame, with basic suspension system.

This is a very old subassembly, but it works great since the beginning. There's a big advantage of this frame, you can easily modify the length and you can add complicated suspension setups on it. For this car i'm gonna stick with this basic 'stock' suspension. The car will be RWD, so i'm gonna put a fake rear driveshaft. I'ts not too complicated to build a realistic drive shaft, like i did on my muscle cars, But this car needs
to be nimble, so the realistic one does not matches with the Cuberunner's driving characteristics.

If you brave enough, you can experiment with complex suspension layouts (Sometimes the car you build requires a specific layout, a supercar for example) So sometimes you need to make things like this:

(This was a hard one...)

Patience is key when you deal with suspensions. Sometimes you need to reconnect every single piece, cos one damn hinge says:

Hinges doesn't like mirroring!

So the frame works fine, here comes the chassis. Let's start with a floor panel like this:

I usually use mass reduced panels to get realistic weight. The main chassis panels are 0.5 Mass scaled, the decor panels ('plastic' parts, skirts, spoiler bodies, etc.) are 0.2
Start with the doorstep, then put another chassis panel over it. Start forming a raw wheel arch. Next step could be to make the wheel arch curvy and symmetric. For this i have a so called 'Fender Panel' subassembly:

Perfect, elegant, pure and simple. But most importantly makes the wheel arches better

Why are you using this ugly gray as a base color?

This color gives you a better vision, if you want to use the Fine Tuner mod's 'Multi edit' tool. It can be bothering when you can't see what you
want to move. I'm bet there's a better color option for this but this is confortable for me.

Let's continue with the front end. Place a bar into the engine bay like on the picture. This will be the 'engine holder buck' This will help you nudging the engine into the bay. Also you can use it as the connection point when you start building the engine.

Now the basics are ready, so we can afford some details for ourselves. Like the headlights or the grill. Now here you can see a little issue what i mentioned in the previous post. The car looks a bit different in the game as it looks on the paper. I don't really like this 'Golf-style' grill
so maybe i'm gonna change it in the detailing session. Or maybe it will look better with the hood on it, who knows...

So this is it so far. Next time we will check how's the engine will come to live, and i'll mention some base setting tricks about the horsepower.

Useful Tips:

-You can easily test your suspensions with a gyro. Make one to be controlled by Pitch+Roll, and you can 'tilt' the frame to check the joint's movement.

-The 'Workshop Grey' building color has the following RGB code: R:40 G:40 B:40 S:0 M:0

-Don't choose the final color yet. The shiny paintjob can be annoying when you want to multi-move something. Easier to choose better colors when you almost ready.

Thanks for the reading, have a nice day/evening/night!

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    👌 @TakicraftCorporation

    6 months ago
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    Well... You say something. Eventually, i could evolve with my side making style...
    I'll try something... @jamesPLANESii

    6 months ago
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    It’s like half way down the side of the car though. It should start about 10-20cm below the windows. @TakicraftCorporation

    6 months ago
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    @jamesPLANESii Yeah i try to do it sometimes. But now i need to keep this brick shaped form. Hovewer this is also not 100% flat. (it has a little shoulder line if you look closely)

    6 months ago
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    You should work on getting the sides of your cars less flat and adding a shoulder line.

    +5 6 months ago
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    11.0k HarryBen47


    6 months ago