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Planet Express WIP: We have takeoff! Build log 3

23.7k Destroyerz117  2 months ago

This is build log number 3 out of 3 you can view the two previous ones below:
Build log number 1
Build log number 2

Number three is always the greatest,
there's nothing like being number three to finish something up, three build logs, three star wars movies, the three brain cells that I have in my head, the point is that nothing quite wraps something up like the number three ya know?

Build log numba three!

So this is the holy trilogy of trilogy's cause its the number thregdsigsbi....and that's why I present to you the third and final build log for this which you can read below.
Speaking of things that are below one thing you can find there is the upvote button, if you know what I mean.."wink wink" "nudge nudge" hahaaaa...get it? Know what I'm saying? Do you get I'm saying I want you to upvote this

Firsts thing first, I've found that there are a lot of stability problems on the new update like worse than usual especially when you have anything over 500parts, I could be running at a stable 60fps and then out of nowhere the game crashes without any lag spikes or warnings. This has meant that I've had to make certain things a number of times which has been really frustrating. Additionally I've also had camera stuttering in the designer despite my fps not dropping.

Despite this I powered through and we have the most progress we've made in a while:

I added the front glass to the design which really helps the ship to resemble the one from the show and gives it a lot of its character.

I made this by wrapping multiple fuselage squares around the front and then adjusting thickness etc.

Now the next thing I had to do was make all the moving mechanism's and this us where shit got tricky.


There's a lot of little things that pop out or can fold down on this. So turning to my only source of reference since Netflix removed futurama(may it rest in peace) I searched the web for what i could find! I did not have much success!

The closest i could get when searching straight for the features were pages listing all the things the planet express could do i could take this info and try searching it up and then get the same thirty pictures i had to begin with all completely unrelated to the goddamngyg torpedo pod that i wanted tooooodfgd know about ! buijsbgi couldn't find anythinsdjigbib on nmb -iyuviyvgfyv

But eventually did find images of the, cargo elevator, magnet bay and i had to guess a little but apparently the torpedo tubes in the front also housed the primary laser's I half guessed how they looked like when i made them so we have those!

The Cargo bay/elevator thing

Magnet winch housing

Primary laser's

Oh and I finished up the stairs, they now retract and go down with the rest of the landing gear, this was awkward to get right since it involves pistons and rotators so getting it to fold up nicely with the frame was a bit of a challenge. I also wasn't happy the first time i made the black area that was supposed to represent the hole where the stairs would go so i remade everything again and used fuselage to make the rim stick out so that I could make the hold black fuselage representing the hole flat and less messy.

This is in tandem with folding up when taking off, right so yeah it fly's now.


We have takeoff and yadayada, I integrated the system from the last build log into the plane so its capable of vertical takeoffs and proper flight.


And what you all probably noticed off the bat, is that its sporting its proper colours like a true (patriot? wtf) and is green and red like nature always intended!
A step up from the dull greys thus far. To get the colours just right I loaded up a few images in paint .net and then used the colour picker tool. From there with the help of the colour editor mod I could move them in game

That's all for now! I still have a couple things to work on before its released like:

  • A 2D vtol system to assist in landing and using the magnet winch

  • Redoing the vents on the back(not quite happy with them)

  • A final detail pass adding signs and fixing up small details

  • Easter eggs and hidden details(already have a few ready not gonna spoil though)

Next you hear from me is when i have the plane up for beta testing and feedback!
Because testing is important ya know! So to avoid things like that..


(this is bobby jr)

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    @CRJ900Pilot yeah I'll definitely yeah your when testing starts, I just need to finalise a few things

    2 months ago
  • Profile image
    26.2k CRJ900Pilot

    Haha. Need any help testing it? @Destroyerz117

    2 months ago
  • Profile image

    @CRJ900Pilot thanks, i did make to get it all working again, I'd give myself 10 - 15 mins tops before it all breaks again ;)

    2 months ago
  • Profile image
    26.2k CRJ900Pilot

    Yeah, it can get tedious at times. I wish you the best of luck @Destroyerz117

    2 months ago
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    @CRJ900Pilot problem is i have to be constantly testing that things work, and nudging these things back and forth can be pretty tedious when one part consists of three gazillion stairs ): so for now its gonna have to be suffering through things breaking out of nowhere. At least when I'm done with the 2d vtol system i can save it and make whats left in separate saves and then move them over with subassemblys

    2 months ago
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    26.2k CRJ900Pilot

    Strange. What I usually do is build the functioning part, then nudge it far away from other parts. This keeps it from connecting to other ones. Then when Im finished, I nudge them back @Destroyerz117

    2 months ago
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    @CRJ900Pilot Thanks I appreciate it, I'm trying to get it out as soon as possible but it keeps creating issues out of nowhere, since i posted this the front landing gear wont retract, it can't fly anymore without doing frontflips and the lasers at the front are completely broken even though i haven't changed anything and its actually affecting the backup saves i has as well, super confusing

    2 months ago
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    26.2k CRJ900Pilot

    Looks great! I can't wait to try it out

    2 months ago