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the Futurama Planet Express Build log numba 2(Electric Boogaloo)

23.7k Destroyerz117  2 months ago

This is build log number 2 of three you can view the other two below:
Build log number 1
Build log number 3
Aha you clicked dammit!

Well while your here might as well get onto the progress update:
Since last update I've added some additional decals, like this hatch on the side
and an additional pair of wings!
even some non attached stairs! We got it all!

And can I say because of this the whole thing fly's like an absolute dream

or not so much....

In addition to the retractable landing gear there will also be fold out stairs at the front that I've built and are closely modeled to the ship, I'm still working on the )actual mechanism), and a cargo hold/ elevator that opens in the bottom.

after i filmed the first thing i finished up these cute little flaps that will fold down

I've found there's no real way of opening up holes in the ship without screwing up the geometry of the ship, so I'll have to make do with dark colored fuselage and aircraft collisions turned off. :/

Along with that I also finished making a VTOL system for takeoffs
this is based of @tully2001 Odyssey plane (one of my favourites check it here Odyssey )which I both slimmed down and changed to do VTOL which they were then kind enough to give me permission to use!
You can view takeoff below:

I've also got a link here to download the VTOL craft so if anyone wants to see if there's problems with it, I have decided to go through with disabling mass and drag on the actual planet express ship so when the full things attached it shouldn't affect anything!

Also if any of you have some funny easter eggs that should be added in the form of signs, references, things to hide inside the ship then leave them below.