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The legend

30.5k Maircrafts  3.0 years ago

Tupolev Tu-154 - the legend of the skies!
Lyrics of the song by Dmitry Ugolnikov and Vyacheslav Logutin

Airbuses, Boeings... Thay are all in a rush.
Let the young frolic!
You know these guys.

You raised them in height
Those who are in the air,
Fulfilled their dream
Tu -
One hundred fifty four.

This flying watches
Are the best in the world!

The night away on the bridge
We kissed in Cairo!
Do you remember that girl,
Tu -
One hundred fifty four.

How had you liked the height
And the runway to be wider!
But did not approve of vanity
Tu -
One hundred fifty four.

But how suddenly, my friend,
We have become the oldest in the world.
I will leave with you
Tu -
One hundred fifty four.
One hundred fifty four,
One hundred fifty four...