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Some Questions

980 NoyaN  4.3 years ago

Hi everyone!
I have some questions but first sorry for my bad english i will try my best hope i can explain nicely...

1- VTOL RCN : I want VTOL RCN works with Throttle or Pitch keys but its works
only "Yaw" i have Overload mod normally i can change everything with that
but only Nozzles doesn't changing... How can i fix this problem?

2- "Sticky Keys" Example i want make Throttle key works like pitch key...
When you press Throttle its sticks %40 or %70 etc... I want make it
Comes Zero when you release key...
Works like Pitch... Press throttle but when you release key its comes %0
Same Questions with VTOL too... How can i make it ?

3- Hollow Circle Fuselages. Sometimes i see people making "Hollow
Fuselages" for rotors or propellers etc... Can someone give me some tips for
how to make that ?

4- Some people posting their aircrafts with custom background and they can
add pictures on the page how can i make it too ?


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    1,362 atgxtg

    @randomusername A 1 pound spaceship with 1000 pounds of thrust should be able to accelerate at 1000G's, which is over 21,000 mph per second.

    4.3 years ago
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    980 NoyaN

    Thanks again friends
    You both helped much now i'am trying to making a spaceships with your tips :)

    +1 4.3 years ago
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    I was going to answer the questions to the best of my ability but the users down below already answered nicely. I guess i can tell you that with the rcn thing if you follow the steps it will work but you can't change the power even if the vtol engine has more power. (That is what i got when i tested somethings with the rcn's before

    +2 4.3 years ago
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    980 NoyaN

    Thanks again i will use it =)
    No just i like fantastic aircrafts i would make those RCN's for boost or fantastic "air engine" even i would try it underwater etc..
    But spaceship is good idea i can try one :)

    +1 4.3 years ago
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    980 NoyaN


    Thank you so much! i did a fail i meant "Vtol Rcn"
    Thanks for answers i will try now :)

    +1 4.3 years ago