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32.7k PlaneFlightX  3.9 years ago
  • The Plane

The SWL-36 is one of my planes with variants. However, unlike the other planes with variants, it doesn't have a functioning cockpit. With the new SWL-36-MAX, I will add a cockpit, and completely make the SWL-36 the best plane I've got. The features below are in the cockpit. The words next to them tell you whether or not I have finished the features in the cockpit. There will be a link to the plane once I have finished it. The body is the same (with weight moved around), just the cockpit is new.

  • Features

Most of my planes have throttle dials, but they don't match the engine speed. However, on the SWL-36-MAX, the engine dials match the engine acceleration. This feature is only available on jet engines, which I learned with the SWL-50. The dials matched the acceleration, but it was a totally different story when the power was cut, as SimplePlanes simulates props realistically. The props took a while to burn up the fuel, and therefore were late switching off. I now do not make propeller aircraft with engine dials.

  • Progress

Completed!! | SWL-36-MAX | Completed!!

  • The Features

Here is a list of the features this new cockpit on the SWL-36-MAX will have:
1. Throttles (with lighted dials) with reverse thrust | Done
2. A control for brakes | Done
3. A lever (and lighted dial) for flaps | Done
4. Detailed seats with cameras | Done
5. Yokes (If impossible, the center stick, like in the SWL-150 series) | Done
5. Overhead panel, with spoiler controls, lights, and some decorative features | Done
6. Landing gear lever | Done
7. Front nose gear, more detailed than the original one | Done
8. Rudder pedals | Done
9. Angle panels for the cockpit | Done

  • Links

Here is the SWL-36, the variant page, and the trijet SWL-37. The trijet was made by Bman01. However, the nose gear wasn't attached, so I fixed it. The SWL-36-MAX is finally done!