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March 28, 2018

The People Give Power to The Senate.
In the aftermath of the March 23, 2018 vote to give the Senate power of which was held by the Kaiser, the people voted in a very close match which 60 percent of people voted in favor. This is important because now the April 24, 2018 Senate elections are important as ever. With topics floating around as how should we proceed with diplomacy toward Tinland and if we should leave the Republic of SimpleLandia to its own devices and withdraw land leases and volunteers. We will keep up our coverage of what is happening as we get closer to the election.
Troops Overseas.

With the terrorist attack in the Republic of SimpleLandia, the Kaiser has sent around 2,000 HKP-33 MBT’s and 3,000 VSUL-2 Super Sonic VTOL jets in their aid. This has caused 5,000 soldiers to be sent over with this order. There has been major public out cry to this due to the fact that more could be sent over while other will be sent back with injuries and possibly death. The Essen government has reassured people saying that major injury is unlikely. This, however, has not stopped protests from happening. Luckily, none of these have turned into riots.
April 16th Military Parade.

With the annual military parade soon coming, the people are getting excited. The Military Parade is a day where the government gives everyone the day off and treats them to massive airshows, close-up views on the newest in Essian engineering and the chance to ride in a modern MBT. But this year’s Parade might be cut down from last year due budget cuts and sending of troops overseas. But this, however, has not cut down on excitement for the day.

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    We can assure you, that The Republic of SimpleLandia will do anything we can to protect the lives of our citizens and soldiers, allied soldiers, and friends alike.

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