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Retroflash is on!

58.9k TakicraftCorporation  1.1 years ago

We can thank a lot to the Takswagen serises. The sub company which have made our CEO's success here. That's why we want to celebrate with a whole new anniversary series.

The RetroFlash

We will develop retro variants from our most famous, successfull, and "legendary" vehicle models, as it were designed in the past decades (between the 50's and the 80's)
We are planning 8 RetroFlash model:

Boxy RetroFlash: 80's style sport hatchback

Akina RetroFlash: late 70's style sport car, based on a JDM car from the decade

Venturis RetroFlash 70's style supercar

Roadstar RetroFlash : late 80's style convertible

Fireball GS Retro : 60's style muscle car

Maximus RetroFlash : 80's style luxury sedan

Saturn RetroFlash: 50's style pickup truck

Community vote: [CLOSED]
You can vote which model will be the last part of the series

VOTE: Cuberunner retro
Sleeper retro
Behemoth retro
Liefer retro

I added them as a comment, Hit the comment upvote button to vote.