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> A list of SimplePlanes' commercial aircraft

38.6k DerekSP  2.9 years ago


The goal of this list is to help you find nice looking airplanes with little effort.
The search function is great, but it is not able to sort by upvotes or downloads because it is operated by Google which more prefers date.
Pro-tip: use Ctrl+F to find a plane you want

How to get your plane here:

If you made or know a plane that you think would fit into this list, feel free to tell me.


(or, now that I think of it, the best way to do it is tagging me under the post itself yeah)
This list is mainly for larger airliners or cargo planes, not for GA planes like small Cessnas etc.
It is also focused on replicas of real planes, but concept/undeveloped planes like the MD-12 are also welcome. Of course, if you have a plane that is not exactly real but heavily resembles a real plane, I may add it to a "lookalike" subsection :)

The list is in no particular order. I do not prefer upvotes, downloads, or realistic scale. I am only concerned about looks. I reserve the right to NOT add your plane without telling you the reason (I don't want to be rude, but some planes are just... meh :/ ). This list is not nor is it trying to be official.
Last updated: 1st July 2018


Boeing 707

Boeing 707-700 by Kentheman
Boeing 707-200 PAN-AM by Franklinclinton
Boeing 707-120 by OPOutcast
Boeing 707-320B Pan Am by PaderiegeZ
Boeing 367-80 by DerekSP

Boeing 717

Boeing 717-200 by IronOverlord
Philippine Airlines Boeing 717 by GoldenEagle
Boeing 717 by thepilot04
Boeing 717 by Kentheman
Boeing 717-200 (Delta Airlines Livery) by WaffleCakes

Boeing 727

Boeing 727-100 by Kentheman
Boeing 727 by Axhliay
Boeing 727 by Ichko
Boeing 727-200 with winglets by ShatteredAviation
Boeing 727-100 by MrSilverWolf
Boeing 727-25C by Sunnyskies
British Airways Boeing 727-100 by Axhliay
Boeing 727-100 by Axhliay

Boeing 737

Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-100 by BaconEggs
Boeing 737-100 by BakedBeanz77
Boeing 737-200 by baallzebub
Boeing 737-400 southwest by EOMADNESS
Boeing 737-400 new wings by Nick7777
Boeing 737-800NG Updated by BaconEggs
Boeing 737-800 MOBILE FRIENDLY SAS Livery by Bacon Aircraft
Boeing 737 MAX by QingyuZhou
Boeing 737 900 V2 by MrWarPac
Boeing 737-800 by BaconEggs
Boeing 737 MAX 8 by BaconEggs
Boeing737-800 by REW
737-700 V.1.1.5 by ForeverPie
Boeing 737-800 Southwest Airlines by Lahoski107
Boeing 737-500 (FSXCC) by BaconEggs
Boeing 737 MAX 8 (Norwegian Air Shuttle) by ForeverPie
Boeing 737-300 HELIOS by GritAerospaceSolutionsLTD

Boeing 747

Boeing 747-400 by PaderiegeZ
Boeing 747-8i Intercontinental by ForeverPie
British Airways Boeing 747-400 by QingyuZhou
SAA 747-200B Combi by FrankieB
Delta Airlines Boeing 747-100 by FrankieB
Boeing 747-8F by EpicPigster1
Boeing 747-100 Cargo by EpicPigster1
Boeing 747-400 Southwest Airlines by DatsunEngineeringCompany
Boeing 747-100 by BaconEggs
Boeing 747-8F SP paint by REW
United Boeing 747 by QuingyuZhou

Boeing 757

Boeing 757-300 Delta Airlines by ForeverPie
Boeing 757-200 RB211 by ForeverPie
Trump's Boeing 757 by haidebiany
Boeing 757-200 Launch Livery by MrWarPac
Boeing 757 by MrSilverWolf
Boeing 757-300 by IronOverlord
A-A 757-600 Cargo by AAairlines
Simple Boeing 757-300 by BaconEggs
B757-200 Business Jet by QuingyuZhou

Boeing 767

Boeing 767 dynamic wings
Boeing KC-767 by Kentheman
Boeing 767 IcelandAir by Benkelmans
Boeing 767-200 Gimli Glider by EpicPigster1
Boeing E-767 AWACS by PancakeAddiction
B767-200 by Kentheman
Life-Size Boeing 767-300 by ForeverPie
Boeing E-767 by Noman0rumenal

Boeing 777

KLM Boeing 777-9X by BaconEggs
Boeing 777-300ER by BaconEggs
Boeing 777-200F by FiguredFC
Boeing 777 9X low detail by baallzebub
Boeing 777-9X updated by QingyuZhou
Boeing 777-300 Unmarked by MrWarPac
Boeing 777 Luxury Private Jet by Gavib
Emirates Boeing 777-300 by QingyuZhou
Boeing 777-200LR by

Boeing 777-8X by Lahoski107

Boeing 787

Boeing 787 - DreamLiner by MrWarPac
Boeing 787 Dreamliner by BaconEggs
Boeing 787-9 V3.5 by PaderiegeZ
Southwest Boeing 787 Dreamliner by Theman19
KLM Boeing 787-9 by Kevinairlines
787 British Airways by SavagePlanes
Boeing 787 Dreamliner by RandyAndSonsAircraft
Boeing 787-9 Turkish Airlines by trolman


Airbus A300

Airbus A300 by AmiYouri2007
American Airlines A300-600 by ALLSTAR7
AIRBUS A300-600ST by ChanXZ
Airbus A300 MrSilverWolf
Airbus A300-600ST Beluga by thepilot04
Airbus A300 by FrankieB and BaconAircraft

Airbus A310

Airbus a310 by FrankieB
Airbus A310-300 Air Transat Livery by EpicPigster1
Airbus A310 FedEx by Dinoairplanes

Airbus A318

Airbus A318 by MrSilverWolf
A318 by MrSilverWolf
[TSAD] A318 British Airways by QuingyuZhou

Airbus A319

Airbus A319 by steynschipper
Airbus A319 Air France by Fighter

Airbus A320

Airbus a320 NEO by Zandgard
Airbus a320 1:1 S7 Airlines by TU134
US Airways Airbus A320 by BaconEggs
Airbus A320 NEO by QingyuZhou

Airbus A321

A321 by saosk
Lufthansa Airbus A321 by PaderiegeZ
Airbus A321 re-make by ForeverPie

Airbus A330

Airbus A330-300 by ForeverPie
Airbus A330-300 by BaconEggs
Airbus A330-200 Royal Jordanian by PaderiegeZ
Airbus A330 Swissair by FiguredFC
Airbus A330-243ST by aluo
Airbus A330-223 Pratt & Whitney by TheMutePaper

Airbus A340

Swiss A340-500 by FrankieB
Airbus A340-600 Red Airlines by PaderiegeZ
Airbus A340-600 by thepilot04
Airbus A340-600 by EpicPigster1
[TSAD] Airbus A340-300 SAS (Collab) by QingyuZhou
(TSAD) Airbus A340-600 Lufthansa by GritAerospaceSolutionsLTD

Airbus A350

Airbus A350-900 XWB Lufthansa by GregMonk
Airbus A350-900 XWB by kikasshes
Airbus A350-1000 XWB by MrWarPac

Airbus A380

Airbus A380-800 by FrogmasterAereonautics
Airbus A380-800 by ForeverPie
Airbus A380-800 by DerekSP
Airbus A380-800 by QingyuZhou
Airbus A380-800 Quantas Airlines by ForeverPie
Airbus A380plus by PancakeAddiction


Aérospatiale/BAC Concorde

British Airways Concorde by QuingyuZhou


Bombardier CRJ200

Bombardier CRJ200 by SimpleEric
CRJ-200 by QingyuZhou

Bombardier CRJ700

Bombardier CRJ-700 by BaconEggs
AAL CRJ-700 by chingyang
Bombardier CRJ-700 by merasmusthewizard

Bombardier CRJ900

CRJ-900 Bombardier by CRJ900pilot
Bombardier CRJ-900 by PaderiegeZ

Bombardier CS100

Bombardier CS-100 Delta Livery by CoolPeach

Bombardier Dash-8 Q400

Dash-8 Q400 by BaconAircraft
Dash-8 Q400 United Airlines by Taughtplatypus2
AirBaltic Bombardier Q400/Dash 8 by PaderiegeZ
Bombardier Q400 AirBaltic by villulennuk
Bombardier Dash-8 Lufthansa Regional by CRJ900Pilot
Bombardier Dash-8 100 Qantas by QuingyuZhou

Short 330

Short 330 Interior Included by Sgtk
Shorts 330 by jamesPLANESii

Shorts 360

Shorts 360 by MrSilverWolf
Shorts 360 by BaconAircraft


Embraer EMB-110 Bandeirante

Embraer EMB-110-P1 Bandeirante ZS-NVB by Sunnyskies
EMB 110 Bandeirante FAC by Ahtzee

Embraer EMB-120 Brasilia

Embraer EMB-120 by Benkelmans
Embraer EMB-120 by MrSilverWolf
Embraer EMB-120 Brasilia by Ajcamp915

Embraer ERJ-145

Embraer ERJ-145 by PaderiegeZ
Embraer ERJ-145 United Express Full Interior by QingyuZhou

Embraer E170

Embraer 170 by Fighter

Embraer E175

Embraer E175 by JetWondy

Embraer E190

Embraer E190 by ForeverPie
Embraer e-190 by TU134

McDonnell Douglas

McDonnell Douglas MD-11

McDonnell Douglas MD-11F (Pie Air Cargo) by ForeverPie


Antonov An-8

Antonov An-8M Morskoy (Marine) by YuriPeschkov

Antonov An-12

Antonov An-12 by TAplanes
An-12 (Antonov) by Johndfg

Antonov An-22

Simple Antonov AN-22 'Antei' by Morozdalisa
AN-22 Antei by redbear89
An-22 Antei by Foxyrockets

Antonov An-24

Antonov An-24RV by Emperoboy

Antonov An-26

Antonov An-26 "Curl" by BogdanX
An-26 (Antonov) by Johndfg

Antonov An-32

An-32 (Antonov) by Johndfg

Antonov An-50

Antonov An-50 by DerekSP

Antonov An-72

An-72 (Antonov) by Johndfg

Antonov An-124

Antonov An-124 Ruslan by lhb3398258
Antonov An-124 by SpiritusRaptor
Antonov AN-124 (v1) by Nick7777

Antonov An-225

Antonov An-225 by lhb3398258
[TSAD]Antonov An-225 by CjrLdy
Antonov An 225 by PaderiegeZ
Antonov An-225 Mriya (v1) by Nick7777


Ilyushin Il-18

Ilyushin Il-18 "Coot" by kirichRUS

Ilyushin Il-62

Ilyushin il-62 by SimpleFlow
Ilyushin Il-62 by RedVine
Ilyushin IL-62 by Ichko

Ilyushin Il-86

Ilyushin Il-86 by Dann810


Tupolev Tu-104

Tupolev Tu-104A 1956 by vonhubert
Tu-104 (Tupolev) by johndfg

Tupolev Tu-114

Tupolev Tu-114 Rossiya by Benkelmans

Tupolev Tu-154

CAAC Tu-154M by Dllama4
Tupolev TU-154M S7 by asteroidbook345 and vonhubert

Tupolev Tu-204

Tupolev Tu-204-100 by GritAerospaceSolutionsLTD


Comac ARJ21

ARJ-21 by GA2002

Comac C919

COMAC C919 by GA2002

Looks like you've reached the end of the list. Don't you worry though, because more planes shall be added in the future. It actually takes more time than it looks like. Read the "How to add a plane" section at the top if you want to contribute.

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    2,630 SilverStar

    This list should be updated, I think some planes are too old and others deserve their place here ...

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    @Cvanimation not on there cause ima be honest, its pretty bad

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    Where is !y flying train

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    Thx bro

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    Wheres is my 737 max of southwest

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    Nice choice of planes
    Many of them I like it and the Phillipine Airlines is nicely done
    Best PLANES!

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    Ok cool @DerekSP

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    A replica of a concept by Boeing. Y3

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    Great! I find planes! 👍😀

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    @DerekSP thanks man!

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    Is it alright if you add my Airbus A380plus to the A380 category? That would be great, thanks.

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    Might you be able to add my Tu-154?
    It’s not really to scale and I’m working on another one...but I hope this one will do for the time being.

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    I used kevinairlines' 787-9 for do Turkish Airlines livery can you add ?

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    @GritAerospaceSolutionsLTD added, plus your latest A340 as well because A340 is dank

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    @DerekSPNow add my Tu-204 and A340 please :p

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