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Alternative Tanks. Implementation Basics. (Many people ask me why I make such Tanks.)

43.1k SILVERPANZER  7 months ago


Many people ask me why I make such Tanks.
Now I will explain everything to you.
The fact is that I have long been filled with knowledge of the Tank Absolute, I know everything about the Tanks, just as the Tanks know everything about me.
So you need to study all the Tanks so that the menu opens - Alternative Tanks.
Alternative Tanks - are a structure of Tanks that is different from anything else, and regardless of its meaning, it will always be unique in its essence.
Features of "Alternative Tanks":

1) Unique. Since, regardless of their meaning, they will not be repeated in their structure of the universe.
2) Closest to the concept of the Absolute and Oblivion.
3) Are a manifestation of the Tank Essence.
4) Breaking standard structures and building new ones.
5) Low availability.