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I'm not making livery projects anymore... [ANNOUNCEMENT + TEASER]

45.9k RepublicOfCursedPlanes  10 months ago

You can probably start to notice this change, since I haven't posted a livery project in about a month (my last one was the Bamboo Airways 787). I'm just making this official.


So because of some war challenges, I started to design and build my own planes, like the MC-50 and Yekavlov Ye-30.

Making these planes from scratch really gave me a sense of joy, one much greater than when I was making liveries. After building these, a new door was unlocked for me and I'm reluctant to go back to making liveries.

Besides, I've already placed a lot of plane designs onto my sketchbook and I want to make them come to life in SimplePlanes, otherwise it would be quite a pity.

Additionally, I'm moving into my school's hostel next week for a boarding programme and I want to start doing other things, like making digital art. So my time on SP will be reduced, and I want to spend this time building designs of my own.

So... the build requests...?

And yes, it means that I will no longer be accepting build requests. (Sorry folks!)

The Vnukovo Airlines Tu-154 that someone requested will also not be built any more.

Oh... so is this the end of your liveries then?

Well... not really.

Despite what I said, I won't completely give up liveries, simply because I'm an aesthetics-inclined person and I can't stand flying a plain white plane.

Thus, all airliners that I build in the future have guaranteed liveries. They may be from my fictional airlines, or real ones, but they will definitely be there.

Also, if there's a livery that I really like, I may just make it.

Teaser time!

And what could be a more ironic way to end a post about not making livery projects anymore with none other than a livery project?

Yes, KLM's famous "Orange Pride" livery.

I'm not done with the rear yet, so I may only post it next week.

T to be tagged!