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Imagine being super sick 2 days after your birthday.

16.4k ZeroWithSlashedO  3 days ago

Hey everyone. Zerø here.
I'm going inactive for a bit. Hopefully I'll come back sooner or later.

Current Situation:
I have been sick for the past 3 days, 4th of August was my birthday and I couldn't do anything about it due to me having to go to camping as a boy scout. It was fun, but awful at the same time.

As for projects, I'm currently working on 3, maybe 4 planes. As of now I can't continue making aircraft due to well, the one stated above.

At first, it wasn't really much, it was just flu here and there. But then we started to do heavy activities, which undoubtedly made my health worse. I got kind of a fever, the flu continued, and then at night, we did more activities, and my mind really just want me to sleep. I slept at 10pm, and I didn't have enough sleep. I woke up at around 4:30am. My health then continued to deteriorate as we do more and more activities.

Today, 6th of August 2022, my chest started to become choky. A quite bad one. I dunno what I did or what did I inhale, but it just became choky after that night even though I went to bed earlier. Then I slept for another 2 hours at 10am, and here we are.

At around 20 minutes or so ago, I considered the possibility of me dying. Which is not really realistical, because I don't feel that weak. As of now, I don't really feel that better, but the flu is gone, so that's a plus.

TL;DR, I go camping for boy scout at my birthday, got a flu, get home a day after that, arrived at home, and got quite sick

Also, I don't really have a motivation to continue building right now, so yeah...
I doubt anybody would care, but, I mean why not share the story.

But yeah, apart from that, I wish you the best at life, and Fly Safe.