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37.5k ZeroWithSlashedO  1.2 years ago

Su-27SK Flanker-B Update

Hello everyone. I got quite bored of making the Su-27SK, so I thought why not tease it for the second time.

Exterior is almost done. Just need a little bit of details here and there, but apart from that, it's pretty much done.

The brake isn't fully functional, due to it being affected purely by drag, and I did set the dragScale on the surface fuselage blocks to 0.3, so it's not that strong.

Oh yeah, there's also the nozzles. I'm gonna try a different FT for the nozzles, and basing them off of the actual AL-31F nozzles.

With the help of the FBW, the thing won't cobra every so often and stall out in a really dangerous way. It's still surprisingly very maneuverable though, despite the CoM getting further away from the CoL. It's also quite fast, thanks to the grueling effort of editing the drag of many parts...

I kid you not, this is by far my easiest aircraft to butter. It's low drag, good TWR, and it pitches up quite stable. Although it still has no suspension due to the low physics settings, (curse you low physics) it's quite easy to butter.

That's all I have for now.

T or Flanka for tag.