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I have been gone for a while

4,060 TRD6932  yesterday

You see, I took a vacation. The place we went to had no TV, no AC, no Internet, and at least a strong rain every night.

Luckily of course I had data because I knew this was bound to happen, but I didn't waste it mainly on this site. I didn't even use YouTube or Discord all that much because they eat up my data like no tomorrow.

So yeah, long story short it's kinda boring rn. I didn't got to hang out with my granny outside of the place we're staying in right now, we just didn't have enough money to afford going somewhere far from here like the sea-side.

Also, my birthday is in like two days so yeah I guess but other than that, the vacation really wasn't all that great and it was less than I expected but I still had a bit of fun.

Of course, Mister Blue will still be an ongoing project, I just ran out of space on my tablet so it'll have to wait for a bit.

TRD, out