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No skill progress.

8,855 WiFly  6 days ago

Hello. I've built a lot of builds, and tried to work on my skills, and gain some progress, but I'm not sure what I'm doing.

I know it's all about time but, hey, been building about year and a half, but why nothing is happening? hopefully it wasn't wrong the way I used to build previously.

Were you guys sure what were you doing when you were the same skill as me?
I see a LOT of my builds that just horribly fail and that is disappointing.

I'm looking forward for these nice and great comments talking about their experience, thank you for your very important time reading this useless forum.

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    8,855 WiFly

    @JeskoGoesVROOM h u r b

    4 days ago
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    bruh ive been playing for like 5 years or so now and my skill level is dropping down faster than a cube made out of osmium

    +1 4 days ago
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    8,855 WiFly

    @InsertNameHere01 simpleplanes is my very favorite game that I feel satisfied building stuff in it, Thank you for your comment.

    5 days ago
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    4,611 Phoebe

    lol I can't even build a mig-21 anymore

    6 days ago
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    Im no professional (and don't strive to be), but I believe I can give my 2 cents of philosophy for "skill gaining" in SP.

    People believe that climbing ranks and upvotes will lead to you being good builder (Which is 50/50 situation, everyone is different).
    What I believe is that, since we are not all equal (everyone is bad and good at something), everyone can be called "skillful" (no matter the quality).

    As for "gaining experience", I personally find it easy to "gain" experience under my belt (not literally, of course) by letting go of plans and just letting my imagination lead me in my Research and development of builds (Generally stuff that you enjoy, yknow how it goes, the more you enjoy something the better you learn it).

    If I gotta sum up my poor mindset right now (1AM and Im tired, very sorry), is that as long as you are willing to learn and wanna experiment (IMO SP is more about experimenting and having fun in researching and exploring the boundaries of possibility, than just a battle sim or etc.) you will grow, in one path or another (Some are good builders, but suck at stuff, others are good at coding and what-not but cant build).
    In the end, if you feel satisfied by the experience you get from the game, I see no point for worrying in such ways.

    -01, signing off

    6 days ago