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Auto Deploy Parachute by AGL

758 b00stJuNKy  6 days ago

I could not find anything but delayed chutes and only if it was armed on activation. Took me a while playing around with a model rocket I threw together to test this. It seems it needs at least 2 variables to work, don’t know why. And noticed using the ground speed method, the parachute detaches itself when the speed is below the value set. Depending on the weight it may go slower than that and detach mid air. I set the Arm also to group 7.

!!!Does not deploy chute unless flight computer meets those values. After dropping above deployment altitude, dip the aircraft so the chutes fire then continue on.

(This first one is ground speed & Agl) it doesn’t work if you write AltitudeAgl first.

GS > 01 & AltitudeAgl < 200 & Activate7

(Next is the gps Latitude cords & Agl)(these are for yeager airfield)

Latitude > 14445 & AltitudeAgl < 200 & Activate7

Don’t know if this is common knowledge throughout the community. Just want to let some know. Cheers