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Question And Build 1

3,339 Bryan5  13 days ago

I had a great idea today ! I'll make a fictional naval military aircraft, but i need some helps :
jet or a ww2 aircraft ?
Painted in blue or grey ?
monoplace or biplace ?
Fighter(guns only) or multirole(multiple type of weapons) ?
usa or germany ?
Also, he will have cockpit, folding wings, and hook.
Also, i will soon do a remake of my old Panzer-IX(9)

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    3,339 Bryan5

    @LarryTad @BeastHunter thats a great idea, i'll probably make a mix of these.
    Also, you guys seems to love ww2

    +1 13 days ago
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    8,240 BeastHunter

    WWII Blue monoplane multirole USA.

    +1 13 days ago
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    3,653 LarryTad

    WWII-grey-monoplane-fighter-Germany. @Bryan5

    +1 13 days ago