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[FINAL TEASER] - Entwicklung E-100 Ausf.S!

143k RussianAce  14 days ago

Guten tag!

  • And I am marking the release date of my new tank - E-100!
    I think there are still some people who have been waiting for the E-100 from me. Well, it has happened and your hopes and wishes were received by me with the help of telepathy... (hell, it's not REN.TV...)

What has changed?

- The commanders panoramic sight has been added.

- An opening flap for access to the loading mechanism (at the rear of the turret roof) has been added to allow quick repair and repair of the loading mechanism.

- Added taillights and pivoting lights aft.

- Added a commanders turret to the turret roof, which will allow our E-100 to be sufficiently sighted.

- Added a reload animation for the main 12.8cm gun, namely tilting it down 0.5° to reload, after which it returns to its original position.

- The E-100's shields can be removed, and there is detailing of the sides of the hull.

- Removed the well known flap, which had two hatches. I removed it because the Transmission is already located at the back of the tank.

And other features of the tank.

The tank will be published tomorrow at 18:00 Moscow time, or at 10:00 New York time!