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Back in buisness!

5,922 Aviationfilms109  10 months ago

Heyo! Ive been dead for a while now so i wanted to explain to you all why, so as of recent the real reason ive kinda been lacking on the uploading,just that sam1333 hasnt uploaded his planes, i literally have built two planes in the middle of waiting for sam to upload,ig im making it a tradition to upload at the same time ion know
List of planes im working on:
XF5U inspired aircraft(fighter bomber with a full on tactical variant)
Gloster meteor aircraft.
XF5U inspired plane will be a naval fighter bomber/heavy fighter (havent decided on one yet) with two variants, single seat, and tactical bomber the names are pretty self explanatory
Glostor meteor aircraft: was supposed to go against sam1333s BF-109 TL but im half sure h's given up on it anyways just needed to clear up some crap, but since he says he'll be making his p-40B again........lets just say im gonna make my own A6M anyways cya guys!
EDIT: forgot the screenshots XD
normal version(public version)

And the unlisted tactical bomber