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My response to the SimplePlanes VR beta

3,504 GabrielFangster70  8 months ago

Do you know how many people are going out there in testing planes VR beta well I think I’m gonna rather wait until the release of simpleplanes VR and The release of the full update of the beta in order to test them out myself. (And possibly make a recorder that flies [Due to how the fuselage slicing works])

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    @PlaneFlightX I Know that already

    8 months ago
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    105k BaconEggs


    +1 8 months ago
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    32.5k tsampoy

    To be honest, I’m more excited for 1.11 than SPVR (totally not because I don’t have an oculus)

    +7 8 months ago
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    30.2k PlaneFlightX

    VR will be coming in 1.12, 1.11 is the new cockpit features, variables, and fuselage slicing.

    +6 8 months ago