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The unlisted stories

30.5k Maircrafts  3 months ago

Hi everyone!
Here some news about this account.

The unlisted stories

Well, I found my old iPad that is even older than some of my vinyl discs. And guess what, I found there an app called “Simple planes” with my old creations. So, I decided to refresh them and publish, so some of SP society members with good taste and interest in civil aviation could fly these aircrafts on their mobile phones and tablets. These planes are all regional and fictional [off course], nevertheless I suppose some of you will like them. There are three aircraft families, so new [very old] planes are coming soon! As the v1.11 is coming soon, I will try to finish my “unlisted stories” until the update.

New username

Well, it’s been more than six years since the day when my account was created. Why did I change my name? Well, I always wanted to... so, here we are - welcome to “M aircrafts” official account!

M aircrafts

My first picture of M-aircrafts plane I did when I was 10 years old, so it rather old phenomenon. So, for now, this [fictional] aircraft manufacturer is based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia - one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

Thank you, wish you good day and a pleasant flight!

Sincerely yours,
ex. TU134

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    21.7k rexzion

    aircraft s

    3 months ago
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    Hey there, I want to ask you this. Once all these regional jets are up, will we eventually start seeing even larger quadjet airliners and larger twinjets in the future? Just a yes or no question. ;)

    3 months ago