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Small Feature Wish List for v1.11 Update

Dev AndrewGarrison  2 months ago

Uservoice is great for big ideas and we always consider those, but I'm curious are there any small things that you really want for the v1.11 update? If you have an idea, then make a comment below with your suggestion. Only put one suggestion in a comment. If you put more than one suggestion in a comment then I will probably remove it. Also, upvote any comments that you agree with.

I want to make it clear that we make no guarantees! We might not be able to implement any of the features that are suggested in the timeline we are working with. What I am looking for are things that would be fairly easy to add, but would add a lot of value to the game for a lot of players. I realize that it's nearly impossible for a player to know how difficult it is for us to implement a specific feature, so we will have to be the judge of that.

Remember we're looking for small suggestions, so comments like "Add multiplayer" will be silently ignored by us. Something like "Add a half fuselage part" or "add more accurate colliders for fuselages" are suggestions that are in the realm of possibility.

I haven't told the other devs I'm making this post, so be quick because they might talk me into removing this post!

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    Remember to only put a single suggestion in a comment. Upvote comments you agree with.

    Pinned 2 months ago
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    Improved control surfaces.
    first things first, wing-like edit shape. usually, the shape of the control surface follows the shape of the wing. What does this means? This means if you make a delta shaped wing, you'll get a triangular control surface. And if you make a square shaped wing, you'll get a square control surface. It's just so annoying to have those.
    It kinda just makes building easier and it also makes less part counts.
    But then again, it's up to you guys because I just realized that this sounds like I forced you to do it.

    9 days ago
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    1,500 infiniteleak

    l i g h t s

    9 days ago
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    26.3k Astro12

    Suggestion 1:
    I propose to finally fix the fact that parts that have nothing to burn can burn. I have a photo that perfectly shows that the chassis, made of a wheel, two rotators and a spring, is on fire. And it burned as if the fuel tank had been punctured.

    Make it so that the parts that have fuel in them can burn (engines go without saying). And make the size of the fire depend on the size of the part and the amount of damage received.

    Suggestion 2:
    Make an input option for parts such as countermeasure dispenser and cannon.

    I'll think about it, but that's all for now.

    +1 10 days ago
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    @e_soup they already added this with the WW2 propeller in the new update. Also, you can just scale the hub down in XML, which leaves the prop at the same width

    12 days ago
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    1,978 e_soup

    Ability to remove the base/nose cone of the stock propeller. A lot of custom aircraft have propellers that don't fit the dimensions of the ones in game. This way we could put only the blades onto our nose part

    12 days ago
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    Something I wanted to put in my last comment here but was unsure if it counted as a second suggestion:
    - The ability to change the stock missiles' locking techniques (i.e. Fox 1 (semi-active radar-guided), Fox 2 (infrared-guided) and Fox 3 (active radar-guided)) for variety and in order to reduce part counts when making custom missiles

    14 days ago
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    Can you add cockpit shaking please

    15 days ago
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    I have one last suggestion that probably 500 people already stated. ADD tracks please, because we got the tank cannon, so where is the tracks part?

    +6 17 days ago
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    Fix the damage model, as in parts that don't have fuel don't explode and just disconnect so we don't have ridiculous chain reactions like we do now. Thanks!

    +7 17 days ago
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    Can you make so the in-game instruments can be turned off because now when we have the new instruments we don’t necessarily need the in-game instruments.

    +4 17 days ago
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    formation flights without the planes drifting apart

    +6 22 days ago
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    IFF. I feel like IFF is needed. Why? The AI in SimplePlanes will not engage you unless you lock on or fire on them. It doesn't make any sense when you accidentally dropped a bomb near the USS Beast or accidentally lock on to it after you takeoff from it, and then have the destroyers shooting at you. This would also be great for MP.

    +7 22 days ago
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    As long as there's Fox 2, I'm happy.

    22 days ago
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    a flaps setting for primary wings. thats all i ask for. i put flaps on most of my planes but i have to XML them in which causes problems because the flaps can not only go down but up as well. please.

    +5 23 days ago
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    @ZeroWithSlashedO I mean, technically you can make that missile through XML, but nonetheless, if there was a heat system from jet engines to make that work, that'd be cool
    The calculation time would cause lag though

    +1 23 days ago
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    Heatseeking missiles. I know I already said this, but I haven't said specifically of what it is capable of.
    - Fox code is Fox 2.
    - Will have stronger track if the target uses more throttle percentage and if the target uses jet engines.
    - Has a very short range of 2 nautical miles (3.704km).
    - Does not emit any lock on warnings.
    - Turns harder than any missiles in the game.
    - Has a short lock on time at about 2 seconds and a wide lock on angle at 45° (almost as twice as the Guardian)
    - Only affected by flares and not chaffs. It can be affected by the sun.
    - Capable of Fire-and-Forget.
    - Has the model of the R-73 or the Python-5.
    I wish this feature will be added soon in SimplePlanes.
    But then again, it's up to you guys if you want to implement it. All of this sounds complicated to implement and I'm sorry about that.

    +6 23 days ago
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    Will there be camera changing in VR?
    This is more of a question than anything

    +1 24 days ago
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    Sorry, I know this has probably already been asked for, but I think that having an expanded amount of AG groups will be SUPER beneficial. Maybe even 2 more would help a ton, 4 at best
    I think it would help a lot of people add some cool features for VR players as well, having more levers and buttons to press for them

    +9 25 days ago
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    I’m a bit late to the party here but I’ve been hoping for more structures and islands, make the world feel a bit more alive

    +8 25 days ago
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    7,911 Marchani

    add air traffic control

    +7 25 days ago
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    7,911 Marchani

    please add ground service.

    +3 25 days ago
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    115 BakerOTB

    Just had a great idea: for rotators and the hinge rotator, an additional input for control - follow camera X/Y. When active, the rotator will follow the movement of the X or Y position of the camera (the players view, not the actual camera part). This would make it way more enjoyable for controlling tanks or gun turrets because let’s be honest, controlling gun turrets with VTOL and trim or whatever is a pain in the balls

    +3 27 days ago
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    +1 28 days ago
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    869 Person05

    I imagine it’s too late but a rebalance of countermeasures, they’re too op and they shouldn’t work every single time it should be a chance or based on the vehicle size

    +4 28 days ago
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