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M165A5 Towed Field Howitzer

5,714 TheSpartan  2 months ago

So about 800 of you are familiar with the M165A4 ADFH. Ok.

What if I were to tell you that this howitzer is not very realistic at all?

After I posted it, a veteran got in touch with me regarding the design. Turns out he worked on an M777 155mm howitzer! He gave me a HUGE amount of advice and tips on how to improve it. And so, here we are.

This is what I'll be updating for the next variant, the M165A5 Towed Field Howitzer:

  • Two displays for Gunner and AG (Assistant Gunner)
  • Smaller muzzle flash (M777 uses smokeless powder)
  • Electronically operated towing wheels (Manually operated is a pain in the @$$ according to him)
  • Towing hitch on muzzle brake (for towing, duh)
  • Towing jack (eliminates a crew member having to jump up to grab the towing hitch, knocks off a few seconds for packing it up)
  • 3s pause before breech opens (in case of back blast)
  • Elevation change to +85°/-5° (+45°/0° is garbage for howitzer)
  • Add HESH, HE (PDSQ, or Point Detonation, Super Quick), HE (ET, or Electronically timed), and DP
  • Change complement:
    Section Chief
    Assistant Gunner
    Ammo Team Chief
    Number 1 Man
    Number 2 Man
    Rammer 1
    Rammer 2
    Round Runner 1
    Round Runner 2
    (Rammer and Round Runner are kind of Interchangeable and cross over)
    Cannoneer Number 5
  • Improve shell/charge storage
  • Increase range to 50km
  • Change stabilizer storage method
  • Remove bore evacuator
  • Add 1500lbs to total weight

I'll be able to do a lot of this on my flight to Indiana later in August, so stay tuned!