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XM21 Mjölnir MBT (Plus build list)

5,714 TheSpartan  3 months ago

So I had an idea for a new tank pop in my head earlier today, and I drew it out before I forgot it.
Here is the result

Also, this won't be my next build, here's what I plan to build before that (Not in this order):

M17 JagdJotun HTD
Reason: Jagdpanzer style design is obsolete

Likely to be canceled:
M16A2 TUSK II Valkyrie II
Reason: Too many similarities between M16A2 VIHAT, M16A2 TUSK I, and M16A2 TUSK II

Nearly done:
M40 Joker AFV (GDM-76, or Ground Defense Module, 76mm primary armament)

Halfway done:
M18 Valhalla SPH

30% done:
M20 Valkyrie III
M50 Harlequin IFV

To be built:
M40 Joker AFV (ADM-125, or Air Defense Module, 125mm primary armament)
XM21 Mjölnir MBT

To be uploaded as unlisted and available in the Unlisted Exchange Discord:
Project 175 (Prototype SPG for 175mm naval cannon, originally designated XM18 Valhalla)
XM18 Valhalla SPH (Canceled due to design limitations)