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What to build, what to build...

5,773 TheSpartan  4 months ago

I've got several builds planned, I want help with deciding.

1: M16A2 TUSK II Valkyrie II

Essentially the same thing as the TUSK I and VIHAT variants, but more parts, better stuff, you get the rest.

2: M16A3 Valkyrie II

Almost the same as the VIHAT, but with a better main gun that fires a new kind of round: HEATFS-TC-MP-T, or High-Explosive, Anti-Tank, Fin stabilized (Tandem Charge, Multi-Purpose, Tracer)

3: M40 Joker (GDM-76) AFV

A big modification to the Joker IFV, but instead of carrying crew and armed with a small 25mm autocannon, it has a 76mm autocannon and is designated as an Armored Fighting Vehicle.

4: M18 Valhalla SPH

A self propelled howitzer armed with the fictional M165 Towed Field Howitzer, a 165mm gun capable of flinging variable-fuse HE shells over 18 miles away. The barrel length would make Stalin proud at 6.4m long with a double baffle muzzle brake.

5: M50 Harlequin IFV

Not a wheeled IFV, but a tracked one that can hold up to 10 fully armed troops, minus the Commander, Gunner, Radio Operator/Gunner, and Driver. Planned to be amphibious.

6: M20 Valkyrie III

A new, slightly shorter MBT design compared to its predecessor, the Valkyrie II. Will entail the kind of gun found on the M16A3 Valkyrie II, the hT-125, and will be a major improvement.

I'm also wanting to know which of these types you guys want:

Interior and Exterior

I build like I've done with most of my builds, adding spaced armor paneling, a full gun and breech, and other details. Limits exterior detail and part count to roughly 1150

Exterior only

Much easier for me to do, and allows for a much more aesthetically pleasing build. Disallows for some cinematic camera views, but expresses no limit on general details.

Comment like this:
[Build you want to see next]
[Interior and Exterior or Exterior Only]