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The Eve of Spring

5,391 TheRealJBerry  8 days ago

Tonight we call
To the Lord of green
Who greens places
And flowers trees
With his Lady,
His Lady
Full of life's power
Full of grace
Lush and full of life
At the union of two
Intertwined beneath the sun
Intertwined upon the soil,
Intertwined deep within the underworld
Where sleeping roots wake
And rise,
And rise
And rise
To greet the Maiden,
To greet the Mother,
To greet the Moon
Who brings order
Who forms the great circle
Lit by the great fire
Of Heaven’s sending
By her path
By this light
This night
Part of our circle
As we celebrate
This dance of the beloved
This power of union
Of rose blooms,
Of birds of songs,
Of love and plight
As the Maiden’s passing
Awakens the Earth
And all beneath the Earth
To become their Mother
To stir them by her touch
Sweet anticipated touch
Where day and night meet
Where grail and dagger meet
Raised high
In that place of new life
Pouring forth this ever moment
Of green grass rising
Of trees in bloom,
Of scent of jasmine
To proclaim the Lord and Lady One
Upon the Earth
Now warmed
Now circled
Now blessed

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    Thank you. @Technodium

    7 days ago
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    @TheRealJBerry Damn that's some high-level stuff!

    7 days ago
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    Yes. Indeed. They have been published. But as the author, I may share them freely. I share them in mere hope they might be rather edify or enjoy to the reader. @Technodium

    7 days ago
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    31.0k WarHawk95

    This dude really making a whole poetry book on

    7 days ago
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    Did you write this?

    7 days ago