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Tier II

13.3k Wernster  one month ago

Damage model tutorial

List of all tier II vehicles/tanks

Tier II is a list of both fictional and real designs that saw active service during world war II, or rather, a fictional version of world war II, these includes designs from the early years of the war till the very end.

Newer generation

Lower part count than the older generation while still retaining the same quality, more effecient for multiplayer as most likely a mobile device could run at least 2 or 4 smoothly.

(in no particular order)

Updated newer generation

Changes: Link to full explanation of changes
-Less prone to overkill
-New engine setup
-360 rotating turret

-T-31lt updated
-Loe medium updated

Newer generation

-Armoured chariot
-LOE medium
-Model.2 Medium
-Model.1 Medium
-Kliment voroshilov 2
-Bt-5 Amphibious
-T-31 Light
-Pz.kpfw-VI Sturmtiger
-Pk-3 Medium
-Pk-4/5 Heavy
-T-12 Wagon
-T-11 Wagon
-Jose Armoured car
-AMX 20/37 (Not posted)

Older generation

Much less efficient in terms of part count, and existed in a time where I still lacked skill level, still comes with the same damage model and scale.

-Pk-42 Medium Light
-PK-Tor31 Medium Light
-Type6 Medium
-LOE Heavy
-LOE Medium
-Medium 2H

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    13.3k Wernster

    @BLU3SCLU3S Aw, thank you very much! After a while the damage model just comes naturally so it's pretty easy for me to implement it, and so does the tank designing too, you could surpass me if you wanted to aswell because I only have 7months of experience from making tanks. :3

    +1 18 days ago
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    @Wernster that's amazing! The fact that you can come up with these one after another,and add damage modles to each of em. My imagination could never match that! Superb job!

    +1 25 days ago
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    13.3k Wernster

    @BLU3SCLU3S It is made up, tier2 are all tanks that served in a fictional version of WWII. :3

    +1 26 days ago
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    So where are the t2 tanks coming from? Are they warthunder related or all made up?

    +1 27 days ago
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    2,170 Dathcha


    +1 one month ago