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How to enable the dev console on mobile (& other things you can do with it!) [TUTORIAL]

14.9k russianspy  one month ago

So I have seen a lot of fellow mobile players that can’t open the Dev console, I can agree it is quite dumb! I seen a forum jamesPLANESii made where he talked about how inconvenient it is, and honestly, I agree.

So let’s get into it!

You can enable it in the setting in the main menu.

In the main menu click “Settings
And once your in there

Click the word “Settings” 5 times at the top.
It should say ”DEV CONSOLE ENABLED”, And if you get tired of it and want to turn it off, you can just follow the same steps accept this time it will say ”DEV CONSOLE DISABLED”

What you can use it for

* //MainCamera>camera.set_fieldOfView 15- change fov. This is *VERY helpful when taking screenshots for custom thumbnails. (Side note: the 15 is just the one I like to use the most, use whatever you want, though anything above 30 is a bit ridiculous.)
//CameraPlane>camera.set_fieldOfView 15
Use this with the other FOV command if your shot looks a bit weird
(The above commands were found by @Mostly)

//maincamera>camera.set_depth 10- use this with that FOV command for epic screenshots that you won’t need to crop.

(I believe I am the first player to discover this, please correct me if I’m wrong.)

//CameraTarget>>Camera.backgroundColor 0.5,0.5,0.5,1 This changes the color of your background for people that don’t like the usual grey.

(This command is a BogdanX Special! He uses this in his tutorials and stuff, where you can see that blue-greenish colored background)

This command is self explanatory.
This can be seen in the top left

(No idea who this was found by.)

DebugExpression RollRate
Use this command to gauge your roll rate and fine tune it to be close to the real roll rate of a replica you are building.

(Thank you BogdanX for giving me this command)

If you’re on PC and don’t know how to open the dev console it is just the backtick key, it is located right below the esc key.

That’s all for now, please leave an upvote if you found this helpful. And if you have any other useful dev console commands please put them in the comments!

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    156k spefyjerbf

    In fact, DebugExpression can be used for a wide variety of things. You can use it for any value, such as PitchRate, YawRate, AltitudeAgl, etc. You can also use DebugExpression with any funky trees expression.

    Pinned one month ago
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    1,960 2

    But how do I change the background color when I build and how do i change the FOV

    one month ago
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    27.9k tsampoy

    Oh wow, thanks, I didn't know about the FPS thing, which is pretty neat

    one month ago
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    this also looks pretty cool

    one month ago
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    14.9k russianspy

    I’ll keep looking for it @Sovetskysoyus

    one month ago
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    7,791 Nintendo

    You the reason I have fun

    +2 one month ago
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    Ok? I have known this, but not the last two commands.

    one month ago
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    23.1k TriStar101

    Now I can use transparent blueprints

    +2 one month ago
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    23.1k TriStar101


    +1 one month ago