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UnisCo Enterprises

30.9k Spikerya  3.6 years ago

Founded by 1958 by Rodney Means, UnisCo Enterprises is focused on building anything from having wings, to 4 wheels, or two wheels. We've stuck our nose into almost every racing series created since then, most notably rallying. We've had a few subsidiaries ourselves, including Delanios, Natasios, Coyus, and Amaynos. But now we're sticking to the Unis name because we're all for unity.

Currently we work as a separate contractor/subsidiary of TakicraftCorporation and we do have several of our own builds but we do use a good amount of Takitech parts.

Rod Means, my grandpa, founded the company and I'm proud to have filled in his shoes in running this company and keeping his love of cars and motor racing alive to this generation of enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. We got our start in making racing fuels back in '58 and then graduated to having our first racing team back in 1962 with our U-87 in F1. We weren't very successful that year but we have come back multiple times over the years to keep trying at it. Our most notable racing entries are to the rallying community, starting in Group A with the Unis Vasito. We then followed Audi to Group B when that started up, entering multiple cars through multiple subcontractors. Most notably: the Unis Vasito Evo, Amaynos Klasszikus R87, and Unis Taipan GT. Since then we have put Rally kits on our recent cars to carry on that legacy, like with the Cliffjumper and the Nightcrawler. We also continue rallying today with the BoG R-18 and subsequent upgrades/updates to that chassis. We also recently re-entered F1 in 2018.

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