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Hellfire Unleashed! | MQ-125A Ghost Update

24.7k JohnnyBoythePilot  2.9 years ago

This is a minor update to the Ghost that enables it to fully utilize it's weapon of choice, the AGM-114 Hellfire air-to-ground missile. Not only will this small update improve the Ghost's targeting bore-sight/angle to nearly 90° in all directions off the nose, fully utilizing it's advanced sensor & targeting suite, but it will be capable of acquiring multiple ground targets at once and launch multiple Hellfire missiles in swarms to said targets to destroy them.

Demo Video With the New Hellfire Missiles

The original launch of the Ghost UCAV used the Hellfire missiles provided by Mikoyanster in the Close Air Support challenge to be more compliant & reduce risk of disqualification. But now that the challenge has concluded, and the Ghost is free of it's constraints, it can now use Rainier's XML-coded Hellfire missiles.

Links to the Updated Ghosts Below! (click on the images):