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SR2 - Coming Soon to Mobile

Dev AndrewGarrison  2.3 years ago

It's no small feat to get a fully 3D space sim with custom craft building and realistic orbital mechanics to work well on a device that fits in your pocket, but we've about got this licked.

At this point, we are hoping to release in September. Since that's right around the corner we went ahead and set up the store pages and you can show your support by pre-ordering on the iOS App Store or Google Play!

Of course, if you don't want to wait until September, you could always get SimpleRockets 2 on Steam for PC / Mac and try it today!

Technical Note:
We are still continuing to improve performance on mobile, but as of right now you will need a device with at least 2GB of RAM. For iOS users, this means you will need at least an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus. It's possible that we might figure out how to get it working well on older devices, but we cannot guarantee it. The good news is that PC and Mac players should expect a bit of performance boost as well from all the work we're doing to get SR2 ready for mobile.

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    3,470 SelectAKey

    Just got the new cell. Can download anything from SP website. Cant wait for SR2!

    2.2 years ago
  • Profile image

    5 Days!

    2.2 years ago
  • Profile image
    1,296 Ro4537

    Heck ya

    2.3 years ago
  • Profile image
    359 JMan112

    Thank you @AndrewGarrison!

    2.3 years ago
  • Profile image

    Hey dev can you add maywar to mobile

    +3 2.3 years ago
  • Profile image
    127 YourBoi

    are you dev, can you see this..? WHEN NEXT SIMPLE PLANE UPDATE?

    +3 2.3 years ago
  • Profile image
    3,031 KyaRL

    Why is it so much more expensive on steam?!!?

    I know they take a cut but they don’t take like 300% lol

    2.3 years ago
  • Profile image

    I can't wait

    2.3 years ago
  • Profile image
    5,153 0n33

    Some kids:

    Simplerockets mobile android 2019 free download

    +3 2.3 years ago
  • Profile image
    1,565 He3QAQ


    +1 2.3 years ago
  • Profile image


    2.3 years ago
  • Profile image

    @Brendorkus same

    2.3 years ago
  • Profile image

    Oh yeeees daddy

    2.3 years ago
  • Profile image
    4,409 Shippy456


    2.3 years ago
  • Profile image


    2.3 years ago
  • Profile image
    11.2k SWAGDADDY7


    2.3 years ago
  • Profile image

    Lol 5.00 usd@Sm10684

    2.3 years ago
  • Profile image
    1,263 suntadj

    Maybe this will test my new Xperia 1's limits octacore processor will run this just fine tho I rekon

    2.3 years ago
  • Profile image
    1,344 Pigeony

    It’s simple rockets 2

    2.3 years ago
  • Profile image

    Wait is that SIMPLE PLANES 2?

    2.3 years ago
  • Profile image

    Yesssss finally

    2.3 years ago
  • Profile image

    It’s about time. I CAN’T WAIT!!!😊

    2.3 years ago
  • Profile image
    89.9k Hedero


    2.3 years ago
  • Profile image

    Hype train on the roll

    2.3 years ago
  • Profile image
    40.5k Sm10684

    why so much money 🥺

    +1 2.3 years ago
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