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SPVR is launching December 17th

Dev AndrewGarrison  14 days ago

Mark your calendars, ladies and gentlemen. We are launching SPVR on December 17th on both Steam and Oculus Quest (App Lab). Coincidentally this is the same day we launched SimplePlanes on Steam, SIX YEARS AGO! It's also the Pan American Aviation Day. We totally planned that.

If you haven't already, then please consider wishlisting the game on Steam here. Steam will send you an email when it's available and then you can decide if you want to buy it on Steam or Oculus Quest. Or why not both?

We have every reason to expect SPVR will be available on Oculus Quest on Dec 17th, but since we have never been through the Oculus approval process, there is the slightest possibility it could be delayed. I don't think it will. I'm just writing this because I know Nathan won't be happy unless I do.

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    I've seen a lot of confusion amongst players (and even devs) about the difference between a Quest Store app and an App Lab app. The only real difference between the two is that the store page for an App Lab app is unlisted. They both have a store page on the Oculus Quest Store and they both must pass the Oculus review process. No need to sideload or anything.
    There's no way for small indie game devs to get a public page on the Quest Store at launch. We have to spend some time in App Lab and prove that players enjoy the game before Oculus will consider making our page public and promoting us to a fully visible Quest Store app. The review process for a Store app is slightly more stringent than App Lab, but we have already implemented those requirements because we are hoping they will promote SPVR at some point.
    Since the store page for SPVR will be unlisted at launch, you will need a direct link to get to it. We'll be posting links all over the place when it's available. We will also have a page on SideQuest with a link that will take you to the SPVR store page on the Quest store.
    Clear as mud?

    Pinned 13 days ago
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    Oh that's my birthday

    6 days ago
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    BRO dec 17 1903 is the day the wright brothers took there first flite.🥳

    7 days ago
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    @Flask correct, you will be able to get it from the Quest store.

    8 days ago
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    0 Flask

    So, on the Oculus Quest 2, I wont need steam for this? @AndrewGarrison

    8 days ago
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    @AndrewGarrison awesome I’m gonna get it right when it comes out

    8 days ago
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    @Kieks123 yes, we added a new in-game airplane browser so you can download airplanes right from within the game.

    +1 8 days ago
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    Will you be able to download planes and stuff on quest?

    8 days ago
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    I can’t wait

    8 days ago
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    this man was scared for his life if he didnt put that last part in.

    8 days ago
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    113 Gravitons

    Waiting for update..........1.12.........VR!

    9 days ago
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    15 Niconms


    9 days ago
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    15 Niconms

    Just have 1 thing to say…. thank you for making this game

    9 days ago
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    322 Knesb3

    How much money will this game cost

    9 days ago
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    @iamblazingsquirrel Zamn

    9 days ago
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    @EchoVehicle I have quest 2

    9 days ago
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    @iamblazingsquirrel till you realize how Cheap VR is (joke)

    9 days ago
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    dude, I am very excited for SPVR

    10 days ago
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    4,543 MRpingouin

    @AndrewGarrison will there be any new changes or new features/optimisations in the new 1.12 update for the normal version?

    10 days ago
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    12.3k V

    @jamesPLANESii steam release? It isnt even out yet, its just the alpha test still

    11 days ago
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    12.3k V

    @Canadaiscold please don't ping andrew, he is busy. As for everything else, SPVR is just simpleplanes without the editor, and mods should be cross compatible, but i will have to check. SPVR will be available on app lab yes.

    11 days ago
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    Looks cool

    11 days ago
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    @andrewgarrison I love your games!!! Honestly, SimpleRockets 2 is my fav, but since I’m on mobile, it sometimes crashes. Also, for spvr, did you use those same game files for the plane layout for SimplePlanes? Because I noticed some similar things between them (at least from the trailer). Also, will you be able to get spvr straight from quest store (via app lab)?

    11 days ago
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    12.3k V

    SideQuest also acts like a store page for oculus app lab. You can find some insanely high quality games on there, such as Tea for God, a game that turns your living room into an infinitely large space, or Pavlov: shack, the popular shooter for free on quest, with realistic guns to boot!

    11 days ago
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    @Jjthejetplaneee you don't sound like a 15 ear old... kinda sus
    Impostor music intensifies

    11 days ago
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