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Closed Alpha for SimplePlanes VR

Dev pedro16797  one month ago

We are rapidly approaching the time where we want to open a closed alpha test of SimplePlanes VR. As the first step in the process, we would like to gather information regarding which VR devices SimplePlanes users have, to ensure we are covering as much as possible from what is out there (we already know how much variance Android has, in VR it is even harder with all the different controller and tracking styles).

How to join?

To ensure we cover as many devices as possible and get some feedback on how things are working (it is an alpha, expect things to be rough) we are going to make this round of testing closed. To be eligible to get a copy all you have to do is fill this form so we can pick those users that we think will better meet our necessities right now.

Who gets to join?

We don't know exactly how many users will get access to this alpha yet, all we know for sure is it's going to be only through Steam, if you have an Oculus device remember you can use Oculus Link to try it out.

How will the form work?

At this point, not everyone who wants access will get it. This is to limit the amount of interactions we have to respond to, keeping overhead a low as possible, while still having enough testers to sufficiently test the game.

Why an alpha?

We are making this a closed alpha for mainly two reasons. Usually, we do betas, but this time there are more unknowns to how things are going to work with some VR ecosystems and there are some things we haven't finished/fixed yet, so this is likely not going to be a smooth experience for some of those that get selected. To ensure we don't get many duplicated reports we are going to make a post dedicated to tracking those, if you get access to the alpha, please, check the post before reporting them.

An Alpha build also means it is not feature-complete, so more features will be coming.

Will I get to keep SPVR after the alpha?

This time we are going to be using Steam's new(ish) Playtest feature, so keys won't be valid after the Playtest concludes, so no, you won't keep the game.

How long will this test last?

As little as possible, hopefully. Depending on what we find we may need to fix more things than expected, or less, that's exactly the purpose of these test rounds. We'll try to be as open as we can about the dates for any open test round and the release as these unknowns get resolved.

Can I share alpha content with my friends?

We won't ask you to sign an NDA, so there's nothing stopping you from doing that, but if you appreciate what Jundroo does, don't do it. Sharing some screenshots is ok, but don't upload videos or streamings playing this alpha. As we previously said there are some quirks we are aware of and we don't want those videos to linger around forever making a false and negative portrayal of the game.

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    SimplePlanes VR is coming to Steam and Oculus Quest this year.

    If you want to know when it’s released, you can wishlist SPVR on Steam here. If you plan on buying on Quest, a Steam wishlist is still a good way to be notified when it is available.

    Pinned one month ago
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    7 days ago
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    @Captiandaves SimplePlanes VR will be on Quest 1 and 2. This alpha is only for Steam, though.

    +1 16 days ago
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    17 days ago
  • Profile image

    Gud news

    17 days ago
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    40.1k KnightOfRen

    why is this still pinned lol

    18 days ago
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    @Lahoski107 lol I alreadyhave a lot of games on my playstation that support vr so that's why Im getting it instead of a quest 2. It can also run more powerful games so that's cool.

    18 days ago
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    5,889 Lahoski107

    Psvr?? 😭😭

    19 days ago
  • Profile image

    @philipTarpley sorry to ping you but will it be on quest two?

    19 days ago
  • Profile image

    @pedro16797 sorry for pinging you but I need to know if the game is planned to also release on PSVR because I have a Playstation and am considering a vr but don't wanna buy an oculus

    20 days ago
  • Profile image

    @BoganBoganTheKid that
    that is

    23 days ago
  • Profile image

    What quest will it be on? I have a quest two and I, looking forward to it coming out!

    23 days ago
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    Very cool!
    I would love to help out with the testing, especially since I have months off school now and can.
    If I don't get selected, then I can't wait to play it when it releases!

    24 days ago
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    @AndrewGarrison pls authorise for SimplePlanes 1.11.106 I beg u pls pls pls

    25 days ago
  • Profile image

    @pedro16797 could you guys make it so we can paint the guage faces?

    26 days ago
  • Profile image

    Okay, thanks!@pedro16797

    27 days ago
  • Profile image

    @Bonelesspizza yup

    +1 27 days ago
  • Profile image

    @pedro16797 will it be possible to switch cameras on aircraft in VR? I hate to ping you, but it’s an honest question and I’m genuinely curious if players an switch cameras.

    27 days ago
  • Profile image

    Jundroo pls authorise for SP 1.11.106

    28 days ago
  • Profile image

    @PhilipTarpley where can I find the planes

    +1 28 days ago
  • Profile image

    Where can I find the planes

    28 days ago
  • Profile image
    126 Lololollp

    @PhilipTarpley are the gonna add a bomb bay door

    29 days ago
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    1,185 LotusCarsSub

    @BeastHunter YOU JUST GOT RATIO'D

    +1 one month ago
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    @3 no solid number, we received many requests and are going through all deciding who to select. A post should be out soon regarding the start of the alpha

    +2 one month ago
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    3,863 RC1138Boss

    Cameras? I guess or maybe make a hud in cockpit, that may be something we can’t don’t anymore..: @Schiefensnarglez

    one month ago
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