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Update v1.11 - Inside Job

Dev AndrewGarrison  one month ago

Building immersive cockpits in SimplePlanes has never been an easy task, but that ends today. The new update brings a whole bunch of new parts and features that make this so easy that even I can build one now. Here's the new update trailer:

Image from Alisuchanka's P-40F-10 Warhawk


Use the new Fuselage Slicing to cut holes in your fuselages. The main purpose is to allow cutting holes for your new cockpits, but players have already found many other creative ways to use this new feature.


Several stock crafts have been upgraded with new, immersive cockpits. Wasp, Gator 2, Kicking Fish, Bush Plane, Pigpen, Hellkeska, Sea Plane, Twin Prop, and Vertigo all updated. P-51 updated with two variants, P-51-B and P-51-D.


Tons of new parts are available to build your own custom cockpits.

  • Gauges – Instrument panel gauges used to display a piece of information (such as altitude or airspeed) with radial indicators.
  • Artificial Horizon – A standalone artificial horizon which appears to contain a ball, but does not require a cut–out in the panel to show depth.
  • Labels – Label parts, to add text or numbers to builds. Supports inputs within curly brackets, curvature, outline, gradients, and rich text formatting.
  • Simple Throttle – a standalone push–pull style throttle.
  • Fighter Throttle – a standalone slider type throttle with button.
  • Yoke – a standalone yoke part, with two handles.
  • Lever – a simple standalone lever that can be bound to any axis.
  • Control Base – A part that acts as a rotator and a grippable control, grip parts such as the joystick top can be placed on top of it. Each axis it takes an input that is also its output. This means it cannot be an arbitrary FT expression, but can be a flight control or a custom variable name.
  • Buttons – Interactable buttons that can be pushed to do stuff
  • Switches – Interactable switches that can be toggled to do stuff
  • Flight Computer – A 'cockpit' part with no camera that can act as a primary cockpit part.
  • Modern Joystick – A modern–style joystick grip part with a trigger and buttons.
  • Basic Joystick – An older looking joystick grip part with trigger and buttons.
  • Cylinder Grip – A basic grip part in the form of a cylinder.
  • Refuel Probe – A part that enables the “assist” mode of refueling from a drogue.
  • Refuel Drogue – Transfers fuel to other craft, designed to be trailed on a winch. Only used on the Tanker.
  • Seat – A simple seat part with built in camera.
  • Advanced Seat – A stronger fighter jet style seat. May add ejection functionality in the future.
  • Cockpit Canopy – A prebuilt glass canopy for 1–seat cockpits. Can open.
  • Basic Frame – A skeleton for the interior of a cockpit, which everything can stick to.
  • Modern Frame – Similar to Basic Frame, but with side areas for placing controls and a central divider between the pilot's legs.
  • Hollow Glass – A hollow glass part with tweaked rendering so the inside is not visible from outside, and the inside can be coloured differently to the outside. Recommend turning down the smoothness in the inside, as strong reflections from the canopy do not reflect the cockpit and can be very disorienting.
  • Wing Landing Gear Bare – new version of the wing landing gear with a different wheel and no attached fairing.

Air To Air refueling

Put a Refuel Probe on your plane and spawn a tanker through the spawn sandbox AI dialogue.

Variables System

  • An aircraft now has a list of numeric variables that can be written to from certain sources and read from all FT expressions.
  • Each assignment to a variable also carries a “priority” which allows you to choose which assignments will override others if multiple attempt on the same frame.
  • Variables are mainly written from the aircraft’s list of variable setters, which is accessible from a button in the bottom right of the designer. Each row in this isn’t a variable, but represents an assignment to a variable (a variable is automatically created if it’s ever assigned to). This means you can assign the same variable multiple times in that frame, or have it updated from multiple sources. A setter takes in an FT expression and stores its result to a variable. It also has an activator function which can disable the setter but this is XML–only right now and pending a GUI.
  • Variables can also be written by part modifiers that have designated outputs. Currently the only one of these is a helicopter rotor that outputs its RPM to the variable RotorRPM for a gauge, but this may be expanded on in the future.


  • Added emission option to paint. Emissive paint do glowy. We assume no liability for exposure to radiation.
  • Added part hiding feature in the designer. You can conceal parts, show or hide concealed parts, invert the concealed part list, and other things.
  • Added 5 extra color slots for default themes.
  • Added support for Slant Angle to all fuselage parts.
  • Maintain camera orientation when double-clicking to focus on a non-wing part.
  • CTRL+Click on the Input button in Part Properties to enter a Funky Trees expression.
  • Changed minimum zoom distance in the designer to from 0.5 to 0.05.
  • Hold left-shift to pan/rotation/zoom the camera at 10% normal speed.
  • Changed name of designer categories: "Cockpits" to "Cockpit Basic".
  • Added XML attribute for the CowlFlaps on the WWII engine to hide the engine cowl (bool attribute is named "hide").
  • Added support for loading AI aircraft across multiple frames.
  • Added optional liftScale to Wing.State XML element.
  • Added optional throttleResponse attribute to Engine.State XML element to override the part type's throttleResponse.
  • Added "audio" XML attribute to JointRotator modifier so the annoying audio can be disabled.
  • Added Rpm1, Rpm2, Rpm3, and Rpm4 to the flight data accessible from Funky Trees. These predate the RotorRPM variable and are on a priority based system, supporting up to 4 sources. They can't be remapped manually, but they do support Car Engines as well as heli rotors.
  • Added collider attribute to Fuselage.State element to allow more accurate colliders on fuselage parts. Possible values are Auto, Basic, ConvexMesh, and NonConvexMesh. Note that NonConvexMesh will still be convex in flight due to physics limitations.
  • Hold left-shift to pan/rotation/zoom the camera at 10% normal speed.
  • Added support for custom names for cameras.
  • Added TargetLocked and TargetLocking variables accessible from Funky Trees.
  • Made connections more predictable when using the “Add Section” button.
  • Updated the camera part to optionally support the gun reticle and missile targeting
  • Updated the cockpit modifier to optionally disable the camera vantage.
  • Updated the cameras to optionally act like a cockpit camera, using a priority based system.
  • Updated the first person camera part to support an adjustable 'up offset'. Prior to this tweak, a hard–coded offset of 0.5 was used, meaning the camera would render half a meter above the visual mesh for the camera. This can now be adjusted. With a value of zero, the camera should render at the same position as the visual mesh.
  • The designer paint panel now dynamically adds colors to match the number of materials defined in XML.
  • Updated to Unity 2020.3.19


So many bug fixes. Too many to list here. Check the previous beta posts for a full listing of them.

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    The update may be delayed on the Amazon App Store, but should be available tomorrow.

    Pinned one month ago
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    SimplePlanes VR is coming to Steam and Oculus Quest this year. If you want to know when it’s released, you can wishlist SPVR on Steam here.

    Pinned one month ago
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    33.7k AgDynamics

    Very impressive update, so much cool new stuff. Great work guys!

  • Profile image
    255 MRYAO

    It's really good
    It would be perfect with some ballistic missiles and a long detection range

    4 days ago
  • Profile image

    Had to delete the game then got it back to see if I will get the update

    10 days ago
  • Profile image

    Do you know about malfunctions of buttons and switches?

    It was released in the store with a bug that the input was not reflected in the variable in the beta update.

    11 days ago
  • Profile image


    11 days ago
  • Profile image
    2,660 LarryTad

    @Blitzgamer334 It has already been updated go on amazons website, search simpleplanes when you find it scroll down a little and you should see newest update 1.11. Please tell me if that is not what you meant.

    17 days ago
  • Profile image

    Is there a confirmed release date for the updat e on the Amazon app store

    19 days ago
  • Profile image
    6,953 BeastHunter

    @LarryTad Ok. Thanks!

    22 days ago
  • Profile image
    6,953 BeastHunter

    @LarryTad Kindle fire.

    22 days ago
  • Profile image
    5,502 one

    @BoganBoganTheKid you're asking the developers to authorize a PIRACY site for the "sale" of simpleplanes?
    how about you get money and buy the game and support the developers instead of getting the game for free through illegal means
    updates like these are not free of cost to create and develop and the company requires MONEY to run. Exposure is not going to pay bills, kid.

    22 days ago
  • Profile image
    6,953 BeastHunter

    Can someone


    update it on Amazon.

    23 days ago
  • Profile image

    @AndrewGarrison Pls authorise for SimplePlanes 1.11 pls plsplspls I beg of u

    23 days ago
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    2,208 Formula350

    Feature Corrections and Unmentioned Additions/Changes:

    (tagged as [c] or [n], respectfully; 'correction' may also get used to indicate I have provided clarification or further info)
    - [c] The ability "hide parts" is sadly only a Designer-Only feature. We are not able to toggle whether a part is actually hidden -- such as, to have a wing added but toggled "hidden", leaving its physics present but no model rendered while playing -- and it's limited to that Design Session as well, resetting once you spawn your build and return to the Designer screen. You also have to go through the process of clicking through menus after selecting each part, to keep on hiding things. (just cumbersome in my opinion, unless there's a hotkey I've not uncovered?)
    - [c] The hideCowl for WWII engines does not "hide the engine cowl", but actually hides the entire engine leaving just the Propeller and its Domed Hub. (Hiding the cowl would technically leave an exposed engine, like ol-timey Radial and Rotary engines [SP does not have any "Rotary" style engines though, which rotated all the cylinders with the propeller affixed to them, around a stationary-crankshaft that was bolted to the plane's frame])
    - [n] For the Fuselage part, now when you have a Rise set and change the Length of the fuselage, it no longer causes your Rise to be thrown off. YAY!!
    - [n?] [This may have already been in SP but I seriously don't remember it happening...] Jet Engines now have dynamic exhaust! When your engines lack enough Inlets for air (therefore, are 'starved for sufficient air') and are thereby running ""fuel rich"", their exhaust becomes realistically blacker/darker! Also, the exhaust becomes longer or shorter depending on altitude and/or speed. [In my limited testing thus far, the faster you go at low altitude (under 12K ft) the longer the exhaust scale becomes. At typical airliner cruising altitudes, the exhaust is significantly shorter even though you're at roughly the same TAS.]
    - [c] The slant option only imparts it on the Back of that fuselage part. This is just here in case anyone else had a different expectation of what would be possible... like in my case... lol
    - [c] Not all parts allow you to CTRL+Click their Input to open up the Funky Editor. It's hit-and-miss on which parts actually do let you access it (Wing control surfaces don't for their "Type" field, which is Input governed in XML; Beacons don't for their inputId, but DO for their AG; but most surprising is Switches and Buttons do not for anything, nor do they let you even type anything in to their AG field)
    <and because OF COURSE my post was cut short, CONTINUES BELOW>

    27 days ago
  • Profile image
    2,208 Formula350

    - [c?] There are actually Two buttons for the Variables; one is as mentioned in bottom-right corner of the screen, whereas the other one becomes available when you've selected a part and go into the "Rotate" menu (which is a horrible place for the Variables, Attachments, and Fine Tuner menus BTW...).
    SUGGESTION: Merge them together and offer a simple Tabulated setup on the menu that opens to switch between Global and Part variable screens; if a part is selected when clicking the icon in bottom-right, it could automatically go to that Tab then.

    27 days ago
  • Profile image
    2,208 Formula350

    [This is more of a suggestion./grievance, so I've separated it]

    The Variables system sounds awesome, but I feel like we're not being offered the info needed about it, as virtually none has been provided beyond what WNP78 offered in the ""previous beta post"" (linked at bottom of Andrew's post). I feel there's likely tons of unknown capability with even general XML options on parts that we don't know about, simply because there's no resource for us to access. (The SimpleCheats page is outdated with info missing or incomplete for the stuff it does have, and is outright missing other stuff. Such as what are valid choices for partCollisionResponse beyond Default? Only recently, through another player's build, did I learn that None was also valid!) I worry the same is true for FT (although Sn0wflake's FT Guide is amazingly helpful!), but is definitely true currently, regarding capabilities, possibilities, and limitations of Variables. :(
    Basically, needs its own integrated Wiki (the Reddit one is... kind of awful...). There already is a system in place to limit who can add or edit content: our profile ranks!
    Devs/Mods would have full access (create pages/edit/upload and remove images/rollback/lock/delete pages)
    Platinum could be allowed to create/edit/upload pics/rollback
    Gold... create/edit/upload pics(?)
    Silver... edit
    Bronze... comment on the Talk page?
    Unranked... read-only
    But that's just my 2-cylinders worth... :P

    27 days ago
  • Profile image
    6,953 BeastHunter

    @AndrewGarrison I still can’t get it on amazon.

    27 days ago
  • Profile image
    2,070 DeltaLCI

    @parkrangerjerry It's meant to be concealed under wings that are realistic - Fuselage wings, if you will. Start reading part descriptions, dammit.

    28 days ago
  • Profile image
    3,400 XiaoPiao141

    Hello. I just already installed the windows 11. Btw can you add it into the compatibility list?

    28 days ago
  • Profile image
    420 EstevanTB

    For Win10 32 Bits pls :(

    one month ago
  • Profile image
    8,387 Thueerra

    Idk about others but after this update heli parts rendered useless since they just warp, crashes the craft and drops fps to 5fps..? :D

    one month ago
  • Profile image

    Ayo devs! are we able to use other C# methods in the variables system, especially ToString()?

    one month ago
  • Profile image

    fuselage landing gear??

    one month ago
  • Profile image

    theres a new wing landing gear, but it wont even connect to a wing lmao
    how is this a wing landing gear

    one month ago
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