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SPVR Update - Labels

Dev HellFireKoder  one month ago

Not to be confused with descriptive terms, these labels display custom text, with several options such as outline, colour gradient, anchor points, curvature, and more.


(You could use them for those other labels, if you like to label stuff)

Additionally, keeping with the goal of improving cockpit construction, these labels can dynamically display the values of inputs and Funky Trees expressions, with an optional number format specified after a semi-colon ;.


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    SimplePlanes VR is coming to Steam and Oculus Quest this year. If you want to know when it’s released, you can wishlist SPVR on Steam here.

    This part, as well as the gauges and the fuselage cutting, will be included in the v1.11 update which we are hoping will enter beta testing this month.

    Pinned one month ago
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    6,078 WiiSmol

    i think we can put images on text labels ngl

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    90 Maroon

    @MuffinEngineer I saw your question and want to answer it
    If you want a g-meter, you would put {GForce}, with the curly brackets

    10 days ago
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    90 Maroon

    Actually, is it possible to just get a full run-down on the labels system?

    11 days ago
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    90 Maroon

    Can anyone tell me how to make the heading display on a 0 to 360 scale and not -180 to 180 one? I'm working on a build right now and have no idea how to do it

    11 days ago
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    oooooo noice

    12 days ago
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    If I wanted the label to tell me how many Gs I was pulling, what expression would I put?

    17 days ago
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    2,061 Skykid028

    Is there a way to make the text curve vertically instead of horizontally

    +2 20 days ago
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    9,909 poenix

    Thanks allot! This is going to come very handy in future builds.@HellFireKoder

    +1 22 days ago
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    @poenix To use inputs in the label part, surround each input (or Funky Expression) with curly brackets, e.g. {Throttle} will be replaced with the craft's throttle.

    By default, the displayed value will not be restricted to any particular number of decimal places, however you can specify a format after a semicolon. Here are a couple examples:

    • {Throttle;0%} - This takes throttle, which is between 0.00 and 1.00, and displays it as a percentage with no decimal places, 0-100%.
    • {AltitudeAgl;0.0} - This displays the AGL with only one decimal place.

    Other supported formats include any specification of decimal places by either writing it out, e.g. 0.000 or n3 for three decimal places, as well as most of these standard numeric format strings, as long as they work with decimal/float values (hexadecimal format x will not work, as it requires an integer value).

    +1 22 days ago
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    9,909 poenix

    Can I get a text example on how to use this? I’d like to put the new function to use. The post shows what the labels are capable of but it just doesn’t quite explain how to write the inputs.

    22 days ago
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    Better add Image as label feature to make liveries much easier to make and to minimise part count

    one month ago
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    Funky tree text?! YES

    one month ago
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    Going to make a f15 then put OADF on rudder to make it look like LRSSG F15

    +2 one month ago
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    1,903 stevemc01

    The gif in demonstration for Labels is blurry, and I might wanna use it. What was the code in the gif specifically?

    one month ago
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    How About Adding An Airport In The Mountains LIke Lukla? That Will Be Great.

    one month ago
  • Profile image

    @WolfSpark ???

    one month ago
  • Profile image
    8,830 Sparky6004

    @Aviation02 don’t-
    my god why are you people like this

    one month ago
  • Profile image

    @WolfSpark i already search in youtube

    one month ago
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    The fonts are kind of limited, please add a few more cool-looking fonts, we really don't like Arial fonts on our plane, or you could add SR2 fonts in too

    +2 one month ago
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    8,830 Sparky6004

    @Aviation02 do it anyway
    ask someone, go look at some builds and learn more.

    one month ago
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    @WolfSpark um ok. but, i can't make custom gear

    one month ago
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    54.7k Beefy

    @ALTMTR epic

    one month ago
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    449 Gru1

    Is the update out?

    one month ago
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    87.9k Hedero

    Yes, but I don’t use sp on steam. But you can still get the beta on mobile @Kittyhawk909

    one month ago
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