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Player Power

Dev AndrewGarrison  6 months ago

We are always brainstorming ways to cut down on our server costs. One of the biggest costs is the electricity to run these machines so we have been on the lookout for alternative power sources. It turns out one of those power sources is in your hands. It is estimated that internet users generate approximately 1.21GW of electricity by spinning the scroll wheels on their mice and we intend to capture this and put it to good use.

Without getting too much into the details, we have been working with a hardware manufacturer to build an intermediary device that sits between your mouse and your PC that captures the power generated by your mouse wheel and uses 5G technology to route the power to your local data center.

If you are interested, check out the Power Generation page and see how much power you can contribute. Thanks for lending us a hand!

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    9,000 ManfredaoBR

    I thought I was being hacked

    2 months ago
  • Profile image
    9,273 CALVIN232

    So i was hoping to 3d print some stuff like before bit before there was that thing we could use that is no oonger a partner (also they didn't print moving parts as moving meaning you always ended up with a solid block )

    I was wondering what 3d printers would work in printing parts that can move

    3 months ago
  • Profile image
    15.7k Jacobdaniel

    Wait what..... Wireless power? Maybe I'm stupid and misunderstood something but if i didn't then we could use this technology to make planes with infinite range...

    +2 3 months ago
  • Profile image
    17.2k Chaka

    Can anyone explain why my achievement of 457.816 Gigawatt's of server power was reduced?

    Is this another one of those COOL KIDS conspiracies on SP? Ya know where

    only a certain group somehow ever gets massive votes and spotlights even when their

    build is complete garbage. While some little guy goes unnoticed. I am just Chaka, I

    didn't know Elite were going to take me down too.


    3 months ago
  • Profile image
    1,159 CT1409

    @rexzion whislt this is true i will grudgingly upvote

    5 months ago
  • Profile image
    21.4k rexzion

    every time yall ask for an update andrew garrison delays the update 1 month more

    +5 5 months ago
  • Profile image
    300 Hunsolo

    Hi 👋 is there going to be a big update or an update it been like 7 to 8 months with out one ☝️ I know you have your hands full with simple rockets 🚀 2 but is there going to be a update for us SimplePlanes player it’s just fill like we been leaved in the dark it would be great if you can let us know if there is going to be a update or last update for this game? or maybe 🤔 there might be a simpleplanes 2 in the making 🤔 that would be great as well 🤤. all the best

    +2 5 months ago
  • Profile image
    3,183 Tankistrus37

    But when will the new update appear?@Jundroo @AndrewGarrison

    +1 5 months ago
  • Profile image
    1,159 CT1409

    1.21 GW GREAT SCOTT!

    +1 5 months ago
  • Profile image

    @RunwayLane yeah:'(

    5 months ago
  • Profile image

    I wonder if WNP78 could time travel with the electricity he made

    5 months ago
  • Profile image
    2,347 Zue5s

    If your mouse wheel can be loosen, you can use a compressed air can/sprayer to get a $H|t ton of velocity

    5 months ago
  • Profile image

    @Cream oh hey you're kinda back tho

    6 months ago
  • Profile image
    2,798 Superstink

    ok so mobile players cant help devs? :(

    +16 6 months ago
  • Profile image
    343 133Hans

    AH,my right hand,I borrowed a computer for it and only got 6 watts.......

    +3 6 months ago
  • Profile image
    17.2k Chaka

    @jagtigercorps I do, I was just joking because, the relation of scrolling a wheel to get to 457.816 GIGAWATTS

    6 months ago
  • Profile image

    @Chaka ok, so you don't have a finger?

    6 months ago
  • Profile image
    17.2k Chaka

    @jagtigercorps Thanks, my nose is getting pretty backed up now that I don't have that finger. I may have to switch to using my pinky to unclog my nose.

    6 months ago
  • Profile image

    @Chaka aww so sad

    6 months ago
  • Profile image
    4,093 mLk

    "Seriously you're a machine ?"
    Yes i am.

    Related to my profile pic, the most efficient way make power is by rubbing your mouse aganist your thight.

    6 months ago
  • Profile image

    Mobile Users: Guess I'll run outta power

    +2 6 months ago
  • Profile image
    3,416 JumpingJack

    Wow. This is quite literally a funky trees creation brought to life

    +5 6 months ago
  • Profile image


    +4 6 months ago
  • Profile image

    Well RIP touchpad user

    +5 6 months ago
  • Profile image
    4,409 Shippy456

    So about powering servers with 5G....
    You’re not wrong.

    6 months ago
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