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Mobile Sale

Dev AndrewGarrison  1.1 years ago

The mobile versions of all of our games are on sale right now. SimpleRockets 2 is sporting a nice 40% discount and SimplePlanes is showing off with an 80% discount but Aero Effect is so on sale that it actually became free.

If you want to check them out, here are some links.

SimpleRockets 2

iOS / Google Play


iOS / Google Play

SimpleRockets 1

iOS / Google Play

Aero Effect

iOS / Google Play

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    @KalebsStuff only one iOS mod is avalible well its almost impossible to spot it any way

    one month ago
  • Profile image

    Haha lol free

    one month ago
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    12.2k V

    @KalebsStuff IOS mods have never existed in the first place

    one month ago
  • Profile image
    19.4k RandomUser09


    6 months ago
  • Profile image

    @AndrewGarrison Why did you remove IOS mods?

    6 months ago
  • Profile image
    240 RhinoSP

    @Ruskiwaffle1991 Eyyy

    7 months ago
  • Profile image

    Got the game for the original price of 260 pesos and now I'm going for SR2.

    8 months ago
  • Profile image

    SimplePlanes cost 30yuan in App Store:(

    9 months ago
  • Profile image


    10 months ago
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    375 YNPcris

    I have to say that this game would be more famous if it had 4 things, 1 that the game had several languages, 2 that it had multiplayer, 3 that it could be played online and 4 that it had a lot of competition

    one year ago
  • Profile image
    768 Graingy

    I never knew that Jundroo had a forth... thing

    +1 one year ago
  • Profile image
    1,122 elevatormann

    That’s correct @TheDerpingMemes

    one year ago
  • Profile image
    14.7k OwO

    @PlanumConditorem ٪

    one year ago
  • Profile image
    1,122 elevatormann


    one year ago
  • Profile image

    Please add a plane cockpit like on sprocket 2 if you add that cockpit it will be very usefull to those who build jets

    +2 one year ago
  • Profile image

    @TheDerpingMemes thx

    one year ago
  • Profile image
    14.7k OwO

    @P51MUSTANGSPITFIRE don't feel stupid
    i have done the same my first time

    one year ago
  • Profile image

    @TheDerpingMemes ok

    one year ago
  • Profile image
    14.7k OwO

    @P51MUSTANGSPITFIRE i suggest building higher quality builds to gain upvotes and not ask because. I'm pretty sure asking for upvotes or something could be against the rules but i don't remember or bother wanting to look

    one year ago
  • Profile image

    Hi guys I just started playin the game if u guys would be kind enough for to upvote my planes I will follow everyone who upvoted

    one year ago
  • Profile image

    I got this game a while back and might start posting vids on the game

    one year ago
  • Profile image

    I wish I knew about this when I first bought it. Because then I would have waited lol.

    one year ago
  • Profile image

    i got all of them except sr1

    one year ago
  • Profile image
    9,361 P1T1KU

    when is the steam one?

    one year ago
  • Profile image

    How do I get this out of my favorite tab?

    +1 1.1 years ago
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