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I’m a mod on Boganbogantheman’s server, go join it https://discord.gg/smtdaAH

Hi I have been playing SimplePlanes since it came out on mobile (for some reason i never got around to making an account until last year).
My favorite aircraft are:
the Tbf avenger,
the Avro Vulcan,
the Bell 47,
the De Havilland Fox moth,
The hawker typhoon
and the sa-360 (not to be confused with the sa-365).
I am also a proud Minnesotan, and nerd. I am also a Boy Scout and posses the rank of “Life Scout”. As you may be able to tell I like helicopters. Let me know if anything I say bugs you. I also like rap and jazz. I am a moderator on boganbogantheman’s discord server.

My goal is to create

My YouTube account is xXRaindropXx34
Twitter is: xXRaindropXx
Discord is: Mustang22#3109